Exam Edge Review - Is It Worth It?

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 12, 2024

Exam Edge Review - Is It Worth It?


Some Things You Need To Know Before You Spend Your Money and Time on Exam Edge…
Straight From the No BS Team At GetEducated.Online

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In other words….


Okay, the basics…

Exams suck.  Exam Anxiety sucks even more. Exams that you fail suck the most and just keep on sucking.

I think we can all agree on that.

So what is a person to do to dispense with all that sucky-sucking?


So, these people claim to be a solution.  Are they?  Let’s find out.


Exam Edge is an online test preparation website.


Their preparation courses will help you ace your next exam, in any subject.

The “HOW”

Exam-Edge offers practice tests that help you master your exams, in advance. They offer online tests that are simulated to match the exam you are preparing for. The claim is that they are made according to the proper content, the proper format, and the proper application of your skills.

Some Important Backgound

Exam Edge was founded in 2006 and their stated mission is to provide people with a great online certification practice test system. It does not only prepare them for their exam day but, so they claim, also gets rid of most standard exam anxiety.

The founders believed that there were not a lot of options available in the market that provided a great practice test system, so they decided to develop the best system for people to pass their certification exams with flying colors.

The website offers exams in various different industries for many different qualifications. It has an impressive testing system that not only tells you about the area you are strong in but also about your weak points; this enables you to focus on the main issues and significantly augment your performance.

It has a structured examination system, where they offer timed practice examinations and get you to manage your time wisely and complete your paper in the allotted time frame.

Additionally, you can access your tests anytime and anywhere to evaluate your mistakes and to correct them also.

On balance, Exam Edge seems to be a more cost effective venture compared to other options. They have had over 2.5 million users and user reviews lean largely toward satisfactory.

The Brass Tacks


  • Cost effective and is much cheaper than its alternatives. Even more so with the exclusive discount we managed to negotiate for you!
  • Offers testing examinations in various fields.
  • The exams evaluate your strong and weak points to give you a better understanding of what you need to study before your real exam.
  • Ability to access your tests anywhere at anytime. You can turn your morning bus or train journey into productive time.
  • Helps you get familiar with the format of the test as well.
  • Timed tests develop your time management skills.
  • Reduces the anxiety around important tests by making you familiar with the format and topics.


  1. No money back guarantee (This is frustrating, but understandable considering it is a digital product, and as mentioned above they do offer a 100% pass guarantee and a free practice test to see what it will be like to use before you buy)
  2. They do not have practice exams for every exam possible – you might find your specific exam is not within their catalogue. To find out if your exam is supported by exam edge, click here and search your exam name.

Okay, So What’s The NO BS Bottom Line Here… Is It Worth It?

We think it is. It has helped a lot of people in the last few years as is obvious from their user testimonials, and we expect you will probably help continue that trend if you choose to go with them.

Exam Edge is an overall great and viable option generally speaking. It offers great practice tests that come in a reasonable price package. You can use the link below to get a free practice test AND a discount on your first order(s).

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There are quite a few websites that offer quality exam test practice that present you with all the weaknesses and strengths.

If you are hesitant about spending your money on this website, then you might want to check out their free practice test section to get a glimpse of what you will be paying for.

Even though this website has no money back guarantee, the prices are very reasonable and there is a 100% pass guarantee which means you can retake the practice tests if you fail your real test, up to 10 times with no extra money!

I hope I’ve been able to help, and that you find the best fit for you with as little hassle as possible.

Listen, can I ask you to do me a quick favor please?

Once you’ve made your decision, would you kindly come back here and let me know what you chose and why?  Your feedback will help me make these reviews even better for those who come after you. And if you do, and can show us your receipt, we’ve got a very special free gift as a way of expressing our appreciation.

Thank you, and GOOD LUCK in your journey. 

Luke Staszewski

Founder and President


P.S.  If you need more assistance in figuring out the best path for you, navigating, cutting through the clutter of information overload, choosing your path, and then having strategies to maximize your value and experience once there while avoiding costly pitfalls, I am releasing a free 7 day mini-course to guide you through the process of learning online. It's not public yet, but head over to the contact page and send me an email and I'll be happy to give you the beta version!

Cheers, my friend, and welcome to our GetEducated Family. We are so happy to have you.


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