FarFaria app review for 2024 Is it worth it for your child?

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 18, 2024

FarFaria app review for 2024 Is it worth it for your child?


Today's parents want to teach their child some fun that's why many apps are developing those that app is providing a chance of learning with some fun games. Because we all know that technology is becoming an increasingly significant aspect of our lives, children are now learning via applications as well.

FARFARIA APP is a world of stories, which is providing more than a thousand amazing and interactive stories. It is an iPad app which is providing perfect experiences of learning to children. Every week 5 new stories will be added to this app. I didn't see story time this much easier in my whole life.

Children between the ages of two - nine can use it easily because it is designed for them. FarFaria is an app that encourages children to develop an interest in reading stories and allows families to spend quality time together.

FarFaria Features

In this app, there are more than a thousand unlimited reading stories in the library of the app. It is so easy and provides fun for children and for parents too. It has a feature in which stories can be read aloud with a feature of Reading to me.

When you read a story than then it will show a reading-level badge on every cover of the story. There is an offline feature in which you can read your stories offline.

A library for children's literature is stored in FarFaria, and it contains a large selection of books. Children and parents can browse books by genre just by clicking on the EXPLORE THE WORLD option.

Within each genre, they can find stories by reading level, titles alphabetically and by release date. This app is providing stories for pre-kindergarten to level 4. Children's can learn by themselves by using features like reading along with the highlighted words and listening with auto-play Children's can easily swipe the pages due to its interactive components. Children's can learn with the sing-along feature. Kids have a choice in which they can exit or make a story favourite to access it easily later. Parents permission is needed to share the story through email.

Is it providing services for free or need a subscription?

If you want to try the FarFaria app for free, you can read a story per day without any burden of paying fees.

But if you want to avail yourself of the unlimited items of this app, just pay 4.99 dollars per month and you can cancel your subscription any time.

Is It Any Good?

Those families are bookworms, but they can't go every time to the library. Due to this app, parents can easily choose addition, it helps parents choose relevant books for their children by classifying those books by reading level and genre. This app is providing a large variety of books that can be read easily.

Talk To Your Kids About FarFaria App

Families can encourage their children by telling them about their favourite books in the FarFaria app, also encouraging them to read stories from every genre.

To find out what your child has learned from this app ask them. Follow up with a trip to the local library to find more books on topics that interest them.

Because of the app's vast selection of books, kids may learn about a wide range of topics. Each of the nine worlds symbolises a distinct book genre for children to discover. Sing-Along City, for example, has books arranged to popular music, and Classics Grove has classic stories. Racial, ethnic, and religious variety is featured in the titles, and if a child chooses to listen to the book read aloud, the words are highlighted as they follow along, which helps with early reading abilities. So long as children are enthusiastic to read and parents are present to provide feedback, Farfaria Storybooks - Library of Children's Books and Read Along With Me Stories can be a useful literacy tool.

As an alternative, Get Epic, a premier digital library for kids, offers quick, unrestricted access to 40,000 high-quality ebooks, audiobooks, instructional videos, and quizzes for kids aged 12 and under.

Wheels On The Bus, Eensy Weensy Spider Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, Yankee Doodle Down By The Bay and Jingle Bells are among their storybooks. The best thing about this app is that it is providing Forty thousand eBooks for learning, but one thing about this is an app that children can not access without their parents. What if children want to read children's books, but there are no parents available? So, I think this should change.


It's a teacher-recommended educational app that will help your youngster study more effectively while having some fun with their studies to keep their interest constantly.

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