Is General Worth It in 2024? Find Out in Our Review

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 12, 2024

Is General Worth It in 2024? Find Out in Our Review

Homeschooled: 2021 edition

Whether you're an artist or engineer, teacher or student, hobbyist or professional, General Assembly ( with its huge array of online courses, is the perfect place for you to learn. The General Assembly team has taught at-home classes for thousands of students online using their favorite software and hardware tools. They've worked with hundreds of industry leaders to bring high-quality learning content to our catalog; everything from manufacturing robotics to typographic design, 3D modeling to video game development, and circuit building to website design. Connect with like-minded learners all over the world in fantastic online learning communities.

General Assembly is a platform to learn through play with hands-on projects in design, electronics, coding, and business. These online courses teach you the skills needed to build products, websites, and apps in a welcoming community of practice.

In this General Assembly review, you will come to know about different courses offered by this site. By knowing about the courses and the value of these courses you will find the answers to all your questions. Common inquiries include: “ Is General Assemblylegitimate? is General Assemblysafe to use? Is general worth it? If still you are not satisfied you can go through other online General Assembly reviews on the internet and get more information you want.

Online programs

Whether you're an experienced designer or someone with little technical background, general assembly's online programs can help you land your dream job. The programs offered by General Assembly are technology and business careers, including software engineering, data science, design, business enterprise, digital marketing, and many more. You can choose from full-time or part-time programs.

Data Science

General Assembly’s Data Science Immersive is designed to help you get a job in tech or start your own business. General Assembly teachs practical skills you need to shine in data science, including Python programming, machine learning, statistics, data visualization, and data ethics.

The hands-on immersive program includes one-on-one mentorship and programming projects that will teach you how to think like a Data Scientist.

Web Development

Thousands of people just like you have changed their lives through our popular web development course. The General Assembly provides the instruction, community, and connections to enter the technology job market. Over the course of 15 weeks, this boot camp focuses on key programming languages, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Mobile Development, and Digital Marketing. You'll also gain access to an experienced mentor who can help when you get stuck, work with a top-tier NYC firm for your final project that will highlight your skills to hiring managers when you're done.

Digital Marketing

This Digital Marketing course will take you through the process of building a foundation in the role of a digital marketer. This intensive boot camp will equip you with skills and knowledge to start your exciting career in marketing, using the latest digital tools and platforms. This is a 5 weeks’ online course for beginners in digital marketing. Topics include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-click (PPC), and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Engineering Immersion

General Assembly's eight-week hands-on engineering immersion course is moving the tech industry forward by creating a new generation of software engineers. Our immersive education model places students within the General Assembly for an entire year, partnering with technology companies to develop new products that will change the world.

You can find a range of sites on the internet, offering online courses. Brainstation, a site for coding boot camps and courses, is in competition with General assembly but Brainstation courses are not that serious as compared to General assembly. There are other sites like Pluralsight for tech education and Datacamp for data science programs. These sites offer some specific courses but General Assembly can provide a range of courses that are useful for you to get a job.


Overall, General Assemblyis definitely worth checking out. You can do some really incredible stuff with this platform, and it’s simply one of the best tools on the market right now for collaborative design work. Thanks to its highly intuitive interface and simple navigation, you won’t have any issues publishing or updating your final projects, and everything will always be in sync across all users. If you’re looking to create beautiful visual designs quickly, I’d say that General Assemblyis a MUST for any designer’s toolkit.

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