InformIT Review - Is It Worth It?

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 8, 2024

InformIT Review - Is It Worth It?


As the world steps ahead into the information epoch, the use and mastery of technology has acquired an unprecedented following. In the modern era, time is of utmost importance and technology helps us preserve it. Be it the automatic calculation functions of MS Excel, or the presentation creation via PowerPoint, or marketing campaigns via Google Ads, technology dominates. If people, especially job seekers, wish to prevail in the current atmosphere, they must evolve.

The advent of software has made life easier but the learning process tends to be complicated. Keeping all of this in mind, a group of IT experts at InformIT have prepared tons of learning material for you. This website differs from conventional online learning sites in that they distribute resources rather than offering instructor-led sessions. In this article, we will dissect the modules and framework of the site and assess its credibility and effectiveness.

 What is InformIT?

InformIT is the brainchild of the highly appraised Pearson publishing company. The website is dedicated to provide educational material for IT field students. Products offered vary from eBooks to books, from tests to software, and from video lessons to self-help learning material. The website has acquired wide appraisal and customer satisfaction through its products, however, it does differ drastically from conventional remote learning platforms.

It does not offer instructor-led sessions that abound competitor platforms. Instead, it equips visitors with the tools needed to learn and master the craft themselves. This is better in a way that the element of practice is inculcated. If people learn on their own, then chances are that they will practice the art to perfection. The chances of this are scant in case of video learning.

They do offer video tutorials but their main selling point and the major product is their self-help section. These resources have been crafted to perfection by experts in their relative fields. This means that you can trust the reliability and effectiveness of the products in question. If you wish to excel in any IT-related field, this site is a nirvana for you. They offer the complete package with the trusted stamp of Pearson to reassure you about quality.


The website excels competition by offering these perks and features:

  • They offer resources in multiple formats such as eBooks, books, software, etc. All tailored to serve your needs.
  • They also offer video tutorials to those who don’t feel like reading and self-exploring the subject.
  • There are tons of unique topics that they have covered with fine detail and excellence.
  • The website constantly offers discounts, and even displays them on the home screen to help you benefit from them.
  • It is powered by experts in the IT field.
  • The website is exclusively IT-oriented, meaning that they cover these topics in greater detail than a general site.
  • They are an offshoot of Pearson, a hallmark in quality publications.


The site also takes the back foot in certain areas:

  • There are no instructor-led learning sessions, but again the website is meant to promote self-learning.
  • The interface of the website is not very eye-catching. This may not count quality-wise but has a psychological effect on the user's decision-making process.

Keys Pages to Visit

Starting from the homepage, you can navigate through the deep labyrinth of the website using the toolbar located beneath their logo. Next check out their formats page, which houses all the resources such as eBooks, books, software, and tests. If you don't feel like reading, try out their video lessons via the video training page. You can visit their store to claim discounts or browse through their products and have your pick. Alternately, you may seek help via the FAQ section or if you have a distinct query, address it to the support team via the contact us page.


The website is worth checking out. Not only do they offer so much, but it is also a unique angle to approach the matter. The resources allow you to self-learn and explore the subject using your potential. This prepares you for practical applications, way better than listening to a lecture. Moreover, the team behind the site comprises experts and the content is unparalleled. If you are seeking to excel at IT, your number one stop should be InformIT.

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