Is International Open Academy Worth It in 2024? Read Our Review

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 15, 2024

Is International Open Academy Worth It in 2024? Read Our Review


In this International Open Academy review, I will be discussing is it worth it to get enrolled in their courses? The International Open Academy was founded in 2015. It is an online course platform having 120+ online courses covering almost all the categories from animal science and care to parenting to writing and media skills. With its headquarters situated in Dublin, International Open Academy has educated over 1 million students from 150 different countries and enrolls 11000 new students every day.

International Open Academy offers access to its courses for different durations. It has options like 1-year access, 2-year access, and lifetime access to choose from, making it one of its unique and advanced features. The prices of IOA courses are quite cheap considering all the competitors. Most of the IOA courses, are in the price range of $90 to $150, making them affordable for most people worldwide.

Courses being offered:

IOA offers a wide range of Lifestyle courses in different categories like- baby care, card magic, eco cleaning, psychology, and many more. Vocational courses are designed for individuals who want to expand their job or business skills and accelerate their careers. IOA offers a wide range of Vocational courses such as 120-hour TESOL or TEFL certification, data science, accounting and bookkeeping, and many more.

Mostly all courses are for beginners, any prior knowledge not necessary to do the course. So many people can enroll in their courses, be it entrepreneurs, people seeking jobs, students, and even those who just want to acquire new skills.

Is International Open Academy worth it?

Yes, considering all the important factors such as good Instructors, course content, price point, certification, duration, and method of teaching. The certification you get after the completion is well-recognized and will help you in the long term. But if we look at the alternatives which can be seen are much better than the international open academy. Alison is a free online education platform that mostly focuses on job-applicable skills. It was founded in Galway, Ireland by Irish social entrepreneur Mike Feerick on 21 April 2007. At the moment, Alison offers over 2500 free online courses, it has about 19 million learners and 3 million graduates from 195 countries. So, I believe it is safe to say that the numbers speak for themselves, right?

One of the most crucial elements of is its ease of use. Everyone knows that the first impression matters. Web pages are no exception. As you take a look, you can see right away whether a design is attractive and fulfills your expectations or, on the contrary, is chaotic and tacky. Also, it is important to not get overwhelmed by all the additional information, which is irrelevant to you. The price is something that each user pays attention to when they choose the right online course for themselves. Many people prefer online courses to live ones, simply because they’re usually cheaper and, sometimes, you can benefit from them even more. I would like to put emphasis on the price because Alison's courses are totally FREE, anywhere, anytime, while International Open Academy courses are paid.


The certification you get from International Open Academy after the completion is well-recognized and will help you in the long term. But most important you are learning something new and gaining a skill. All courses have the latest updated information and practical knowledge-based approach that will help you gain advanced knowledge. All things considered, Alison is surely one of the better MOOC alternatives, when you keep in mind the fact that the courses available on the platform are free of charge. Naturally, there are going to be some payments involved, if you wish to involve them - however, the courses themselves are free to study.


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