K8vs review for 2024 Is it worth it for your child?

Jeremy Kallowitz
May 10, 2023

K8vs review for 2024 Is it worth it for your child?


Some people might experience online education as a technique to make studying and learning more difficult. It's worth understanding that lecturers have recreated themselves to accommodate this procedure and ensure that students get the most out of what they're learning. Student engagement has been seen by many as a feasible solution. Schools, universities, and institutes have chosen this new mode of operation to continue their activities. Because computer science has progressed so much over the years, it is getting easier and easier to take high-quality online programs.

So, it's time to find out the best app for your child and your ease we will give you a review of the K8vs app. Through this review, you will find out whether for your children is beneficial or not?


What is the K8vs app?

K8vs is known as K8- virtual schooling. It is an online learning site that is made in Ontario Canada, which is providing online classes from Prekindergarten to Class 8. They are providing these subjects for Pre-K to grade 8 which are; Reading, Spelling, Maths and writing.

And for grade 1 to grade 8 they are providing these subjects which are; History, Science, Geography, Social studies and Arts of language.

Are k8vs providing good schooling?

Yes, they are providing good schooling by keeping the size of the classes small so that every child gets the attention of their teacher. They are providing online classes with quality, time tables, qualified Ontario teachers and flexibility.

What things are required to get online classes from k8vs?

A student needs a computer or a laptop with all necessary things such as a keyboard and mouse. Google chrome browser is also an essential thing in this schooling. Ms word and PDF reader of Adobe is also needed. The minor necessary things which students required is stationery which is included pens, pencils, graph papers, calculators and a notebook so they can write down each and everything easily.


In K8vs what are the hours of studying?

There is a timetable of K8vs which is based on 5 days and each student have their timetable so they can easily follow it without any hassle. From JK (Junior kindergarten) to SK (senior kindergarten) are required to spend 3 hours for their studies. From Grade One to Grade Three students need to spend 3.5 hours per day.

Students of Grade 4 to Grade 6 need to spend 4 hours per day for their online studies and from Grade Seven to Grade Eight are required to spend 5 hours per day.

How many fees do they need?

Their regular tuition fees are$305 per month

But due to pandemics, they are giving free enrolment for the 2021-2022 schooling year. So now their registration fees become $231. Pay your fees per month or pay it for the whole year.

So, there is also another learning platform which is named OUTSCHOOL. It is providing different kinds of learning methods, which include creative writing, gaming, coding, and medieval history and many more. Children are allowed to choose to get enrolled in different and small groups of classes. The fees for the classes range from eight dollars to twenty dollars. They also teach you in-depth about coding classes and music classes for one-on-one mode, but it will cost more expensive. They are providing classes on the ZOOM APP along with teachers who have a background of abilities that is matched with the subject.

There are some draw backs too. One is this they are charging $12 for one class. Another issue is that children do not receive an adequate education, such as strong skills or information about many topics; instead, they are only taught how to move their bodies to live a healthy life and how to properly wash their hands So these products aren't worth $12.


They are providing quality schooling to the students. When they started this elementary schooling there were no other elementary online schooling in Ontario. Those who created tour purposes toto provide kids with a variety of effective learning techniques so that they can learn at ease.


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