Lingoda Review - Is It Worth It?

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 9, 2024

Lingoda Review - Is It Worth It?


In this article we will be discussing and looking at the lingado website and if it is worth it. We will be looking at all the strong points of this website and also its weaknesses in order to determine if this website is even worth your precious time and money. We will briefly explain what the purpose of this website is and why or why not you should look into it. Basically lingado is a language learning website and deals in providing courses to further improve your skills with the help of a teacher.

Learning a new language might seem like an unachievable feat at first but if you have the proper instructors and resources then learning a new language will surely become a reality.  Some people learn a new language just as a hobby, while some learn it as a requirement for when they are about to go study abroad and they want to fit in with the locals. Or due to business reasons a person might pursue a more commonly spoken foreign language.

 What is Lingoda?

Lingado is a company based in the United Kingdom and founded in 2013 and it deals in language learning which include certain languages i.e. English, Business English, French, German and Spanish. Lingado has employed well trained, experienced and well equipped teachers all from around the world to give you the best learning experience and environment. It has a very well placed system for people to learn a language. It offers full courses with course guidelines and topics and also shows you the progress you have made over time. It has different learning levels from beginner to much higher standings and provides an experience accordingly.

You get to choose your wanted language and then you explore all the options for teachers available and after that you select your preferred instructor to take you on a cultural journey.  Lingoda offers two types of plans which are a monthly plan which offers monthly payments and an option to change your courses whenever you desire. Then it has the recommended long term plan in which you have the option to choose a 3 month, a 6 month or a 12month plan whichever suits you better to learn the language you want without any interruptions.

The great thing about lingoda is that you get to choose the timing of classes which means you don’t have to set your schedule according to your classes but you can take classes anytime you want. Lingoda also offers corporate training which is a great option for multi-national companies who want to further expand and connect with foreign locals in order to boost sales.


  • Set your own scheduled
  • Partnered with Cambridge Assessment which further improves its credibility
  • Interactive video call sessions to get that close attention
  • Long term program to make you fluent at your desired language
  • Corporate training program for companies to develop better social relations and build brand image


  • Not a huge variety of languages present
  • No way to check credibility of teachers before paying

Key Pages

If you would like to learn more about the history of lingoda and its credibility then you should check out the about us section. If you want to look into buying a monthly program then you should look into the pricing but if you want a more long term plan then the language marathon is for you’re up for a challenge then look into the sprint plan.


Overall lingoda is a great and reliable website and it offers great packages and bundles to learn a new language. Even though the pricing for the private session is quite of expensive compared to the group session and you might not the absolute attention but you will surely get enough to fully understand the language and you will meet people if different countries, of different cultures and of different ethnicities and you might improve your social skills as swell in the group sessions.

There is however a limited number of languages you can learn and if your requirement and need is not one of these languages then you might want to look elsewhere as there are many other great options available online which will provide you with a wonderful experience at a great price. But having fewer languages available also means that the teachers for the present languages will be much more qualified and experienced and the phrase quality over quantity will surely apply here as well.

As lingado has a free 7 day trial available, you might want to look into that and if it meets your expectations then you can further pursue it. But you can also cancel your plan anytime you want which provides great insurability and provides you with ease and doesn’t pressure you into sticking to it. Lingado also provides great corporate training which will surely be quite beneficial to multinational companies who want to improve customer relations and want their employees to respond to any client of any country or cultural background.

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