Little Passports Review- Is It Worth It?

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 6, 2024

Little Passports Review- Is It Worth It?

In times like these during lockdowns, our kids are stuck at home. No school, no parks, and most importantly nothing to keep them busy. Instead of letting your kids watch YouTube videos or cartoons all day it’s time to have some fun. Bring summer camps to your home with Little Passports for fun filled educational activities every day! This website is a dream come true for all those parents that have simply run out of ideas on how to keep the little ones occupied.

Little Passports’ Ideology

Why do online educational platforms have to be limited to adults? Why can’t toddlers and children join in? With these questions in mind Little Passports created their forum so in this modern age where everything is slowly becoming digitalized, our kids can also benefit from technology positively. The best thing about their activities is that they are not limited to one culture, instead, like the name suggests, your kids will learn about diversity, culture and other countries. So not only are they educating children but also opening them to all the wonderful differences in the world. Let you kids travel while in the safety of your home.

Teaching Style

When it comes to children, typical distance learning methods are all futile. Little Passports takes a very original approach to teaching. While little passports is a distance learning platform most of their activities require being physically shipped to your house. This way you have to place the order a little while before you’ll be able to actually do the activity with your kids. But of course kids love receiving mail and this will just add to the fun. Each subscription box has a different theme and unique activities so your child will not get bored easily. Of course to incorporate technology the kids also receive access to the online country-themed content.

What’s Included in the Box?

Initially the kids are sent a large map, their own passport and a welcome letter from the creators behind Little Passports. This starts them off on their journey. After this they receive monthly boxes with one specific country as a theme. There are some basic collectibles in it like stuff toys, currency and stickers, but our personal favorites are the amazing activity worksheets. Depending on the age range you choose, the worksheets will vary in difficulty but they will always be chockfull of wonderful information. Each month the kids will also receive access to online resources as well that will help the kids expand their knowledge base via positive use of gadgets.

Application Process

After all it’s all about the kids so there is no specific application process, just pick a program and deposit the fee. They have multiple packages and age groups that you can choose from so you don’t need to worry that the activities will be too advanced or too simple, or simply won’t match with your child’s taste.


Our favorite feature about Little Passports are their different packages to gain access to all courses. Each package has the same perks; there is just the difference of money involved and time duration. A monthly, every six month, and annually subscription system, so if you can make a long-term commitment they will give you all the same benefits but for a slightly less cost. But if you’re not sure that your kids will find this interesting it's best to go for the monthly package so you’re not stuck in it for the long haul. There is also a Premium Edition which includes a Little Passports original book with the standard subscription box.


If you are on the hunt to make your kid’s stay at home a little more bearable but also want them to learn something. Little Passports has your back. With their exciting monthly packages they are sure to keep your kids occupied for a while and also have them waiting anxiously for the mailman each month.
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