LORMAN Review - Is It Worth It?

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 7, 2024

LORMAN Review - Is It Worth It?

Not all of us have the luxury to take time off our jobs and go to an institute to upgrade our skills. This is why platforms like LORMAN have popped up all over the internet, so you can work in the day and study whenever you have the extra time. On your couch, during your lunch break or on that long commute, just plug in the headphones and educate yourself.

LORMAN’s Ideology

LORMAN is a platform aimed to provide professional resources in all fields possible. Due to the need for money most people can’t join a day-time institute to continue their education, so LORMAN has created this online facility that will let you do exactly that, on your own time. With a time limit of 90 days you get immediate access to the entire course so the fast learners don’t have to slow down and those of us who need more time don’t feel overwhelmed.

Courses Offered

Keeping with their ideology, LORMAN doesn’t limit itself to a specific school of thought like coding or arts or writing. Instead they have a limited library with a mix of topics that will help you exceed in normal life. For example due to the 2020 pandemic they were quick to release self-help courses specifically catering to COVID-19. That said the do tend to provide courses on the more common jobs like HR, Banking, Construction and the sky’s the limit.

Teaching Style

Most online platforms compromise on delivering filmed lectures and resource materials to their students’ inbox. And LORMAN does exactly that. Once you register for a course, the entirety of it will be available to you including all the resources and videos for the 90 day time period. While we would have preferred if they had a one-on-one mentorship style of teaching, for some the video format works just as well.

Application Process

There are no rules to their application procedure. Simply pick a course you like and pay the fee to gain access to their teaching material. There are a variety of packages you can choose from when it comes to how much you want to pay and how much you will be studying so keep an eye out for what will cost you less.


Our favorite feature about LORMAN are their different packages to gain access to all courses. Each package has its own perks and of course the more you are willing to pay the more benefits you unlock. Let us go through each package in detail so you can decide for yourself what is best for you.

Individual Courses

There is no set price on this package because it is all dependent on what course you want to do. Each course has its own course and as you keep adding to the cart, the price will go up. If you purchase each course individually according to this package, you will get exactly that. You will have access to the course materials and the webinars, but nothing more. Be careful! If you intend to take more than a few courses this individual purchase process may end up costing you more than you expect.

All Access Pass

Just the name gives us tingles, after all who doesn’t like all access? After paying a single lump sum amount you will receive a license for unlimited admission to all of their courses, learning paths, live webinars, and their video decks. As you can see, the individual courses have very little to offer but with this pass you get for more than just resource material. We wouldn’t recommend this if you only plan on taking one course, but if you have more than 3 programs you are interested this is not only the better option in terms of resources, it is also more budget friendly.


In a place where most educational platforms focus on technology or art based education, LORMAN gives us those real-life skills that will help us get a good job fast. While we love their course content and how relevant it is to modern needs, you will have to check your budget beforehand. If you do decide to take that leap of faith and deposit the course fee, make sure to check if you could save some coin by choosing a different package.
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