Master of Project Academy Review - Is It Worth It?

Jeremy Kallowitz
May 14, 2020

Master of Project Academy Review - Is It Worth It?

Master of Project Academy is an online training service with self-sufficient certificate courses. It is a place for professionals from all around the world to improve their skills and abilities through a variety of online courses. Master of Project Academy strives to share the knowledge they have with professionals around the world to improve their skills unique to their careers.

 How Does it Work?

Master of Project Academy offers several paid courses that you can access after buying them online. Not only paid courses, it also offers various free courses through which you can experience what it’s like to learn through this platform. Following are some of the courses available on this site:

  • PMP Certification Training: This training requires 35 contact hours to help you prepare for the PMP certification exam. You are given 750+ practice questions, sample exams and PMP cheat sheets to help you get the best results possible. PMP certification helps you earn more and gives you more opportunities while job hunting.
  • CAMP Certification Training: With 23 contact hours, this training helps you achieve CAMP Certification success. With 300+ lectures and flexible training hours, it ensures your success with their recorded 96% success rate.

PMP and CMP certification training is not the end. There are a number of training courses available on Master of Project Academy for professionals to help them increase their market worth.


Each course available on the site has different pricing. The PMP and CAMP Certification mentioned above are $67 and $62 each. There are monthly pricing, as well as yearly and lifetime, but Master of Project Academy recommends investing on a yearly plan so that you can learn at your own pace without any stress.

Flexible Timing:

Although each course lists the ideal hours you should spend on it to complete the course, these timings are just to guide you without imposing anything else. You can learn these courses at your own pace without stressing yourself. That’s why Master of Project Academy offers 3 different pricing plans for each course available.

Extensive Learning Material:

When you buy a plan for any of the courses available on the site, you get additional learning material along with the lectures. These materials can help you improve your learning experience.

Is it Worth it?

Getting different certification courses added in your resume opens numerous job opportunities for you and boosts your worth as an employee. Master of Project Academy has made getting these certifications easier. You can sign up for courses that interest you and choose from one of the three access plans that suit you the best. Flexible timings of these courses also help professionals with jobs to adjust these courses into their schedules. Not only flexible timings and course benefits, but Master of Project Academy has a record of 99.6% pass rate and 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied with the results, you can always get your money back.

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