Mentalup Review - Is It Worth It?

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 10, 2024

Mentalup Review - Is It Worth It?


Let’s admit it, children are addicted to mobile screens. The little ones remain glued to their phones and tablets for hours in a row. Though entertainment keeps them preoccupied and helps you relax a bit, there are some problems with this. Children waste hours of their time, when they could be learning and excelling.

The inherent curiosity of kids goes to waste with nonproductive activities and this is where mentalup comes to save the day. This learning application blends entertainment and learning into one mixture. Children can enjoy interactive and fun video games which not only entertain but also inform. In this article, we will help you explore the features of this amazing application, with complete neutrality.

 What is Mentalup?

Mentalup is a game application that helps you turn your kids' free time into their learning session. We all know how children have come to obsess over technology. Many parents keep them preoccupied with mobile phones and tablets as they tread on in their efforts. This is a grave mistake and Mentalup has come to correct it.

A team of experts, from child psychology and learning experts to video game makers, have collaborated to create this product. They claim that it will help children learn and excel with minimal effort. Not only does the app offer specialized learning exercises, but it also excels in general brain training. Games built for strengthening memory and improving analytics will go a long way in ensuring your child's success.

Overall, the app has been highly appraised and has attracted several positive reviews. The credibility is further improved by vehement endorsements from experts. The app only requires 15-20 minutes daily and this time is spent well enough, that’s Mentalup’s guarantee. Overall, the app is worth a try and promises good results.


The site stands with the following features:

  • The application blends learning, entertainment, and research-based cognitive stimuli to entice and inform children.
  • There are 100+ games for you to explore.
  • The app uses just 15-20 minutes of your daily time and helps you learn and grow.
  • It provides a personalized experience and allows you to track your performance.
  • It is available on mobile phones, tablets, and computers, so you never miss your daily session.
  • It is suited for children of all ages.
  • Games stimulate various general and specific areas of the brain such as memory, analytics, logic, etc.
  • Parents have generally offered very generous and positive reviews, adding to the credibility of the app.


The app also lags in some areas:

  • The graphics are all 2D, mostly kids prefer better graphics.
  • The app is a game, children may confuse the line between entertainment and learning which may be a problem in some areas.


Mental up is a decent option to help your kids learn while having fun. It erases the boundary between entertainment and learning. But it is up to you to help your kids find learning in entertainment and not vice versa, lest they start hating school. The app has been endorsed by experts and has been created by some of the most gifted people in the learning field.

If you want your children to spend their time productively, then you must introduce this app to them. Mentalup does more than to teach your kids, it makes learning fun. This perfect blend creates the ideal environment for your child’s brain to strengthen itself. Mentalup is a one-stop brain juice for your children.

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