Mindvalley Review- Is It Worth It?

Jeremy Kallowitz
August 31, 2020

Mindvalley Review- Is It Worth It?


As material values take the upper hand in the modern world, man finds achievements without satisfaction. We are spiritual beings and without adhering to that side of our existence, we can never find peace. Self-improvement and personal growth has been trending in the past few years, and there is every reason for you to try it out. Mindvalley intends to bridge the gap between the materialistic and spiritual side of people’s lives.

The website is a joint venture of expert trainers striving to help you improve your lives. Whether it be the imbalance between work and life or the lack of motivation to excel, Mindvalley has something to help you. In this article, we will explore the site and the features it offers, and the cost at which those features can be accessed. Based on this data, we will offer a neutral and unbiased analysis of the site and help you decide whether it is the one for you.

 What is Mindvalley?

Mindvalley is an online learning platform that mainly focuses on self-improvement and personal development. The problems we face in our workplaces and business settings, often root from the innate disturbances of our mindset. These problems, if left unaddressed, often surface bigger and stronger, and sweep away all that we strive to accomplish.

Keeping this in mind, the creators of this platform have produced and curated courses that help solve these problems. These courses address common problems that plague us in our day-to-day lives. For instance, if you face difficulty in reading and learning content, there is a course for you. If you are unsure of your potential, there is a course for you. In short, there is a course for any problem that might be haunting you.

The site offers free content, in addition to several paid premium courses. This allows you to get a better feel of the platform before committing to it, monetarily. The instructors are all highly acclaimed experts in their fields and have years of experience helping people with their problems. The site lives up to its expectations and delivers an all-in-one personal development experience as claimed by the thousands of students who have benefitted from their programs.


The website stays true to its mission and offers an exorbitant deal:

  • A full roster of experts and professionals strive to improve your life and profession.
  • There are both free and paid courses, so that everyone can attain something good from the site.
  • The site also offers an exquisitely crafted book: The Buddha and The Badass, which will help you along your path of self-improvement.
  • They also upload 60-90 minutes of master-class that everyone can attend for free.
  • They have 200+ expert instructors and boast that students are 5x likely to complete their courses as compared to similar sites.
  • They also have a helpful YouTube channel.


The website also lags in one area:

  • The courses focus entirely on self-improvement so those seeking to improve their skillsets (i.e. learning business skills, MS Office) will not get from here.

Key Pages to Visit

Once you’ve skimmed through the homepage that highlights all of their major credentials, you can explore the site further. Then check out their about us page, which highlights all the stuff the site offers and how it differs from its competitors. You can then explore their programs and have your pick, according to your needs.

In case, you feel like getting an idea of what the true potential of these courses is, try out the free courses. The site also redirects you to their YouTube channel, you should subscribe to it to receive tips on self-improvement. You can explore their upcoming events and the impacts of their previous events, through this page. They also offer highly productive seminars which will create a deep impact on the audience. If you are a business owner and wish to improve your enterprise’s standing, try out their business page. At any point, if you feel like it, you can address your queries and concerns to the support staff through their contact us page.


The website is worth visiting. Not only do they offer highly effective self-improvement courses, they have the best people in this field to help you. Their trainers have been highly acclaimed, and have talked before crowds belonging to enterprise giants like Facebook. Their credibility is further improved by the positive reviews dropped by hordes of students who felt a genuine change in their lives after taking their courses.

To add upon an excellent setup, the site offers several free lectures and courses to help people with their problems. This feature alone is enough to suggest that the site is genuinely interested in the welfare of its audience. After a thorough analysis of the site’s offers, we are compelled to recommend and endorse it

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