Is MyTutor Worth It in 2024? Find Out in This Review

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 15, 2024

Is MyTutor Worth It in 2024? Find Out in This Review

What is MyTutor?

MyTutor is the most popular teaching platform among families in the United Kingdom. From the billion courses they've provided thus far, they've received a 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot. Schools employ their tutors to complement their teaching since their tutors have such good results. They work with over 650 teenagers around the UK, addressing learning gaps and assisting them in achieving their goals. Their professional tutor-matching staff can match your child with the ideal tutor for their needs, from subject and grade to exam board and temperament compatibility. They're always available to listen, answer questions, and provide you with the personalized assistance you require.

Lectures are more than just a video chat. All of this takes place in a custom-designed, interactive learning environment. Tutors can use interactive exercises to bring difficult ideas to reality, draw illustrations as they go, and mark homework and practice questions together. It has the power to make even the most hated subjects - shall we admit it - enjoyable.

Is MyTutor Worth It?

It employs student tutors from major institutions throughout the country, with the goal of providing both a high-quality educational experience and a mechanism for individuals to earn money while at university. It has a host of options, including an engaging lesson with whiteboard area for displays, a large number of teachers, and the ability to meet tutors for free via video conference before hiring them for sessions.

MyTutor promises that all of its tutors are selected from Ivy League colleges, and that only one out of every eight candidates is chosen. Many parents, students, and partner schools have found MyTutor to be a beneficial and dependable service, as seen by positive MyTutor evaluations.

MyTutor is definitely worth the price paid for the lessons, since their instructor selection is quite demanding and only the best are selected to offer lessons.

Is MyTutor Legit?

While MyTutor has flaws, it is clear from the number of favorable reviews that it is not a fraud. Students taking GCSE, A-Level, or university admission exams can benefit from individual instruction. They also provide language training in a variety of languages; nevertheless, you can only study a language as part of a curriculum, not to a conversational or proficient level.

MyTutor also collaborates with participating schools to assist students who are suffering in their studies but are unable to find one-on-one tutoring on their own. The service was introduced into Langley school with very favorable outcomes, according to a case study on their website.

MyTutor provides pretty conventional interactive classroom software as well as the option to record courses for later use. They also have a few study materials on their site, including 10,000 free study notes to help with revision and a useful blog for parents with articles about how to help their teenagers.

MyTutor reviews

These reviews will attempt to provide you with as much information about as possible in order to assist you in determining if it is the right online tuition service for you.

  • My kid is becoming more self-assured in her academic work. Her homework has become a lot easier as a result of this.
  • She is a natural teacher with the ability to make even the most difficult and perplexing science concepts simple. I enjoy how she delivers you the report at the end of each session.
  • I definitely want to recommend MyTutor 5 stars because we used this service throughout lockdown and our teachers were fantastic, and I can't say enough good things about them. We've been looking for a tutor locally and haven't been able to find one. However, this is a far more convenient and adaptable choice. It's also a competitive environment.

Why MyTutor?

There is no shortage of MyTutor-like programmes, thus this is the most important factor. Because MyTutor is well-built and the programme runs smoothly, you can expect superior support as a student and instructor, much beyond what you'll find on competing platforms like TutorMe, The Princeston Review, Preply, and varsity tutors.

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