Pluralsight Vs Codecademy - Which is better?

Jeremy Kallowitz
February 29, 2024

Pluralsight Vs Codecademy - Which is better?

With the advancement in technology, people are continuously looking to improve their skillset in order to meet the demanding job market. The world has become digital and there is no place for people who are not striving for excellence. This has raised the demand for learning platforms.

There are many platforms available. Two of these are Pluralsightand Codecademy. Both of these are web based learning platforms that target the technical subjects. They have a vast variety of video lectures ranging from targeting beginners to professionals.

The idea of online learning is quite beneficial. Especially for people who have a relatively busy life and find it difficult to get out of their home in order to polish their skills and learn new things. Since it is the need of time that people have certain level of understanding regarding various subject matters, both these platforms have gained quite a huge customer base.

However, if you are relatively new to online learning and trying to figure out which one might be best for you, you should read on to see what are some of the differences between these two platforms.

A comparison

People have different preferences depending on their requirements. Both the platform are an amazing way to increase your knowledge. But the main reason people go with codecademy is the fact that from the start, it allows the users to start coding. There is constant feedback regarding their codes. This gives a fast learning experience.

But this is not the only defining factor. You have to make the choice depending on your needs. There are many advantages of these platforms. There are cons associated with them as well.

Let us discuss the differences between them to help you figure out the best one.

  1. Programming languages targeted by these platforms
    Pluralsight focuses on the languages that are trendier and in demand. These can be summed up into JavaScript, .Net, SQL, C#, HTML, C++ and Ruby. There are other languages targeted by this platform by the mentioned ones are a bit more common.
    In comparison, Codecademy targets database languages more than other ones. Web development is another common topic that targeted by this website.
  2. Content availability
    Pluralsight offers a variety of content especially on programming languages. It provides advanced content for students that have the basic knowledge and want to move straight into in depth study. In comparison, Codecademy has deleted a lot of free content that they once used to provide.
  3. Interactivity and code editors
    Pluralsight lacks in this domain. It does not provide the users with a code editor. Students can only follow the course and write the code on their own machines. Codecademy gives consistent feedback and provides the students with an interactive environment. They have the option to write and develop their own code using the provided IDE.
  4. Addition of new material
    Pluralsight adds content more frequently. With the changing industry, they make sure their students get the required knowledge to cope with the demands of the market. Currently they offer around 4000 courses.
    Other competitor websites don’t provide students with such a vast variety of courses which gives Pluralsight an edge over such platforms.
  5. Mobile applications
    Pluralsight gives you the option to access the content from the ease of your mobile. It offers interactive mobile applications for the comfort of its students. They can take a course anywhere at any time.
    In comparison, Codecademy does not have mobile applications.
  6. Learning path and progression
    Like any learning platform should, both these web based learning platforms provide the users with a learning path telling them which course the student should take and in what order. You also have the option to see your progress.
  7. Beginner level
    Pluralsight provides advanced content that assumes that student has the basic knowledge to get started with the course. That being said, it makes it difficult for the users who are beginners to start with these advanced level courses. Although it is not impossible to follow up but they need to do a little homework on their own.
    Codecademy takes the users from the basic level and gives them the information they need to start with. With progression, the difficult slowly increase. The downside of this is that students are unable to start their own projects after they have completed the course.
  8. Certificate of achievement
    Pluralsight provides assessments to see the understanding of the students. At the end of the course, if you pass the post course assessment, you will be given a certificate of achievement that you can print off and add into your portfolio.
  9. Refreshment of already gained knowledge
    As stated above, Pluralsight provides content assuming the students already have the basic understanding. If you want to refresh your knowledge, it is the best web based learning platform for you. Why not the Codecademy? Because in comparison to Pluralsight, it assumes that the user is a beginner and takes the course from there. It might not be the best option for you to start the code right from the basics that you already know.
  10. Bugs
    Pluralsight does not provide the users with an editor. This saves it from having bugs.
    In comparison, Codecademy provides the students with an editor. But this is known to have quite a few bugs. The editor also allows an infinite loop to run. Where many editors will give you an error, this does not and your browser freezes up because of it.

Final verdict

Even though Codecademy provides a hands on experience and it might be best for you if you are a beginner, but it does not need saying that Pluralsight is better than its competitor in many regards. If you need a refresher, you should definitely hop on to this platform and strengthen your concepts. But it depends on which one best suits your needs. For more information, you should check out Pluralsight review.


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