Quickstart Review -Is It Worth It?

Jeremy Kallowitz
September 2, 2020

Quickstart Review -Is It Worth It?


Information technology is the new Everest in the modern workplace. Knowing about and excelling at the latest software additions to your business is essential to gain the edge in the market. Conventional methods of data entry and marketing have been rendered obsolete in the modern setting and people now turn to digital means to accomplish these goals. Not only have titans like MS Office dominated word processing, presentations, and data management, other software have claimed their niches. Take MailChimp for instance, it makes marketing easier and is highly customizable to offer you the best experience.

Personally, what would you prefer: having to call individual clients or using such software that makes them call you? In the modern workplace, there is no place for time-consuming old-school methods, everything is digital and fast. Unless you drive in this digital lane, there is no way for you to excel in the modern market. This is where Quickstart comes in, this online learning platform is dedicated to providing you with quality IT knowledge and helping you master the craft. In this essay, we will dissect the site and analyze its pros and cons, and then give our final verdict.

 What is Quickstart?

Quickstart is an online learning platform dedicated to providing IT training to students. The site offers a myriad of courses in different IT fields and helps you dominate the digital craft within months. They offer certifications in various trusted and frontline software companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, and NetApp. IT training is imperative for climbing up the modern market and Quickstart knows that they have designed specialized courses to help you do just that.

Not only are their courses very immersive and help you understand the subject matter easily, they offer a huge variety. This means that no matter which digital skill you wish to excel at, Quickstart can help you. Their support staff is also very active and takes your queries and concerns seriously. At Quickstart, you'll find experts in every field, instructing you to become adept at it too. And if you ever have any confusion, you can always ask them.

Another great feature to the site is free to access, which is limited but still gives you a taste of what's to come next in the paid version. As for the prices, they vary from individual clients to enterprises, which is another good customizability option.


The site offers a great deal:

  • Tons of courses designed for IT training.
  • It offers training in various certified and trusted software.
  • There is the option to access the site free of cost, albeit with limits, to give you a taste of what they offer.
  • Individuals and enterprises can choose between different paid options suited to their needs.
  • Excellent customer service.


The site lags in some areas:

  • There are cheaper and even free alternatives for beginner level courses.
  • Their target audience would be a more advanced type or those seeking a guided experience.
  • They specialize only in IT software and not in assorted niches such as SEO and digital marketing.

Key Pages to Visit

If you’re on the site, try out their courses first (you can access the courses library from the homepage too). This page will showcase all the certifications they offer and you may make up your mind from here. At any point, if you feel like taking a feeling of the site, try out their lite package. Their blog also offers much-needed guidance to help you make an informed choice. You may always contact the support staff to seek further assistance. Once you've set your mind to it, take a look at their pricing options and choose your tier.


The site is elegantly designed and alluring at first sight. It hosts some of the most talented people in the industry and assures you of great change after taking the course. Their lite option, which offers a free but limited access to the site is also a major plus point. The site is worth visiting and will be worth investing if you are seeking a guided learning experience in the IT field.


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