Shonda Rhimes' MasterClass Review - Is It Worth It?

Jeremy Kallowitz
February 20, 2024

Shonda Rhimes' MasterClass Review - Is It Worth It?

Shonda Rhimes is an award-winning writer who has written hit TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. Not only TV shows, she also has many books under her name. When it was announced that Shonda will be teaching on MasterClass, the buzz it created among screenwriters was amazing. MasterClass has been getting experienced and famous people from different fields to teach on their website. They provide rare opportunities to aspiring writers, actors and filmmakers to learn first-hand from their idols. Apart from pre-recorded video lessons, related workbooks are also available for you to make the most out of the learning experience.

Shonda Rhimes’ MasterClass:

Through this MasterClass, you’ll get to learn from Shonda Rhimes up close. The woman behind hit TV series will teach you all about writing great shows for television. She shares her life experiences and dissects her own shows in front of you to make you understand what’s good and what’s not.

Lesson Plan

Shonda Rhimes’ MasterClass is detailed and extensive compared to other MasterClasses. Her presence on the screen makes you hold on to every word she is saying in her lesson. Her MasterClass has 30 lessons in total and requires 6+ hours to digest all the knowledge and wisdom she delivers as an experienced screenwriter. But it is recommended that you take your time with the lessons and complete the assignments and workbook exercises hand in hand to make your learning experience more effective. You’ll find one of the lessons where Shonda dissects her own show particularly interesting and gripping. It gives you an insight into how a successful show runner like Shonda thinks. During her lessons, Shonda answers students' questions about her lessons and works with aspiring writers in different case studies.

Access to Shonda's class

Accessing Shonda’s online class is convenient. There is not much to do except to buy one of the two access passes. One pass, that is worth $90, offers single access to her class only and you'll get all the additional material with it. The second pass is an all-access pass that offers access to not only Shonda's class but all other instructors' classes on MasterClass as well, for $180.

Is it Worth it?

$90 is a big sum of money for you to spend on an online class, but the benefits you’ll be getting from this are far beyond any screenwriting course you’ll ever take. Keep in mind that other courses won’t be taught by a screenwriter as experienced as Shonda, and they will still cost you more than $90. Shonda as a writer has made a name for herself and her credibility can not be challenged. Throughout her lessons, she not only talks about the screenwriting process, editing and script, but also talks about the challenges that you’ll face as a new writer. She tells her pupils that it is not easy to break into TV industry and your talent is questioned every step of the way. To learn how Shonda handled all these set backs and came out with huge success in screenwriting is a win for an aspiring newcomer and is worth each and every penny.

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