Springboard Review - Is It Worth It?

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 7, 2024

Springboard Review - Is It Worth It?

When we can work from, why can’t we learn from home? Following this ideology, many online platforms have popped up so you can expand your knowledge without even leaving the couch. While we love any platform that promotes education, it's important to know if they are worthy of your time and money. Among all top choices, Springboard is a platform that stood out.

Springboard’s Ideology

Studying is all about expanding your horizons but also to ensure that with that you get a better job as well. The current world is very technology-oriented, and we see in the future it's only going to get more so. Springboard understands this and drives their customers to learn tech-based courses to further their career. Springboard's entire system and motto are based around ensuring that after completing your courses you get an incremented salary package or a better job altogether.

Courses Offered

Keeping with their ideology, springboard offers very limited courses but they carry merit in the practical world. Essentially a coding school, Springboard offers some of the best courses for Data Science, Machine Learning, and Programming. In addition to these, they have also added some very unique courses that will help you build a better career path for yourself. These Career Track courses are one of a kind and also amongst the most popular if you look at their enrollment stats. After all, you do get one on one coaching from a career counselor on how to upgrade your career path.

Teaching Style

Most online platforms comprise delivering filmed lectures and resource materials to their students' inbox. Our favorite feature of Springboard's teaching style is how they have tried to overcome the online barriers and offer direct assistance to each student. On top of the resources and recorded lectures, springboard offers mentor-led workshops and even one on one sessions with the mentor. This is great for those of us who like to ask extra questions to fully grasp the concepts being discussed because sometimes videos just aren't enough. Throughout the duration of the courses, the users can contact the other students taking the course with them, the alumni community, and Springboard's resident advisor whom you will always find online. These connections are what sets this forum apart from others and give you the school-like atmosphere which is often missing from online education.

Application Process

We especially like the application process at Springboard. Unlike other platforms –  for which you need to sign up and judge for yourself if the course is a good fit – Springboard requires a certain educational background for some of their more technical courses like a real university and even takes aptitude tests for each course. This is great for informing both you and their team if you’ll be a good fit for their program. After all, you wouldn’t want to waste your money on something that is basic for your current level or too advanced that you simply don’t understand a word. An educational background in development-oriented fields and statistics is preferred.


A major downside to Springboard is the astonishingly high price points attached to each course. No matter how many positive reviews you hear it is a bit daunting to pay such a huge amount to a company you can’t even meet. But Springboard understands this as well. Some select courses have a deferred tuition option so you can pay a small deposit while enrolling and pay the rest after you start a job. Because Springboard guarantees you will find a job after taking their courses, they offer a unique refunding policy. If you are unable to find a job within 6 months of graduating from their platform, you will get a full refund.


If peers, alumni, and personal contact with mentors are important to you then this is definitely the right platform for you. Aptitude tests and career counseling are a major plus to this platform as well. While we love their teaching style we feel like it focuses too much on the mentor as well and the resources can be lacking as well especially for the weaker students. Not to mention, you will have to take a leap of faith and deposit that huge course fee. This is definitely not for those who are on a tight budget.
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