Top 3 Websites to Hire a French Language Tutor

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 21, 2024

Top 3 Websites to Hire a French Language Tutor

One skill is now being studied all over the globe, with enrollees in Africa and Asia increasing by 50%. And this is learning French, a highly desirable worldwide talent, not media platforms, business intelligence, or coding.   It is an international diplomatic language, a worldwide corporate language, and a leading internet language, indicating French's expanding prominence. If learning French has always been your dream or if you have studied it before, but need to brush up on your abilities, you can choose hiring a private, online instructor

Choosing the right online tutoring program is tough. There are currently so many websites and platforms accessible, many of which have comparable capabilities, so students have far too much option. On the plus side, this indicates that you will almost certainly be able to discover a tutor who meets your requirements. We looked at the top three websites for finding a French language instructor in this article. It would save you time and assist you in receiving the best service possible.


Preply is a virtual learning website that brings language instructors and learners from all around the world together for one-on-one online courses. Preply has a large number of tutors, and this number is continually increasing.

It does not provide any instruction. It only serves as a conduit for you to reach its exhaustive list of online tutors. You may go through each instructor's profile, view their introductory videos, and sort them by cost, reputation, specialization, and availability. At this time, there are 1618 French instructors available.

Preply has created Preply Space, its very own online video-chat service. Those who like third-party programs like Skype can continue to do so if they desire.

Preply is sometimes criticized for having a restricted feature set when compared to its rival’s websites. It succeeds in connecting students with tutors, which is exactly what it's designed to accomplish. They make sure that programming and expenditures are on track, and that the students are happy with their classes. Therefore, provide students and tutors a framework for conducting online classes.


Wyzant can assist you in locating a tutor for a variety of skills and courses. You may browse for virtual French instructors on the Wyzant website, with the opportunity of meeting with one in person.

With costs starting at $10 and classes accessible the same day if needed, it provides a lot of versatility. The procedure of choosing a tutor is also pretty simple to set up. There are over 600 online French instructors accessible, and you can browse their accounts to know further about them. Moreover, you can also read the reviews submitted by other learners.

Wyzant also has a 'great fit' guarantee, which indicates that if you don't feel the teacher you are working with is the best match for you, Wyzant offers you the refund of your first hour-long meeting.


The website Verbalplanet has been operating for quite some time. They offer learning of variety of languages, including French. The teachers on the website are innate French speakers, and you may choose between beginner, moderate, and expert French.

You may browse the catalog of tutors on Verbalplanet depending on their accessibility, fees, profile, and ratings from other learners. Each teacher determines their own charges, which for a 45-minute class average approximately $22. Many instructors also provide a free or reduced test lesson if you wish to test out the program. Additionally, if you purchase many sessions from Verbalplanet, you will receive a discount.


We evaluated several online tutoring websites and evaluated the features and alternatives they give, such as the expertise of the teachers, to write this article on the best websites to hire a French language tutor.

All of the websites we chose had distinguishing features that make them shine out and worth noticing.  Preply, on the other hand, came out on top due to its extensive budget range and easy availability of low - cost teachers.

Moreover, you can check our preply tutoring reviews here.


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