Thomas Keller MasterClass Review - Is It Worth It?

Jeremy Kallowitz
February 26, 2024

Thomas Keller MasterClass Review - Is It Worth It?

Thomas Keller is known for his exceptional cooking skills and innovative recipes. His many cookbooks and restaurants add weight to his capabilities and achievements. The award-winning chef has multiple 3-star ratings from the famous Michelin Guide. His culinary skills are unlike anything the world has seen. And now, Thomas Keller has joined his colleagues to teach in the MasterClass.

MasterClass is a platform where renowned celebrities from different fields teach their viewers through a series of video lessons. Each class comes with related workbooks and interactive assignments. Viewers taking the online class can also interact with other pupils learning from the same instructor.

Thomas Keller MasterClass

In his first ever online teaching experience, Thomas teaches the perfect way to cook vegetables and eggs and how to make delicious pasta from scratch, and many other useful cooking techniques to his viewers.

Standing in a well-equipped kitchen, Thomas teaches his pupils through a camera lens and walks them through his MasterClass step by step. His approach towards this class is exactly what one expects from a chef of his caliber.

Lesson Plan

Keller teaches through a series of 36 extensive lessons. In his introductory class, he tells his viewers what he wants to achieve through this online class and how people watching him at home can master the fundamental cooking techniques when they are done with these lessons and assignments.

Throughout his lessons, Thomas starts from the basics in the kitchen, such as knowing the essential kitchen tools, ingredients and cookware etc. He doesn’t hesitate to start from the very beginning and tell his viewers how to pick the ingredients for their meals.

His knowledge about vegetables will amaze you as he teaches how to glaze carrots and peel tomatoes. When these seemingly mundane techniques are taught by Thomas Keller, you learn how wrong you were.

A large part of Keller's MasterClass is dedicated to understanding his favorite ingredient and eggs and how they can be used in verious ways. Keller’s MasterClass ends with lessons on Pasta. He doesn’t forget to talk about different kinds of pastas and their use in different dishes.

Access Pass

Accessing Thomas Keller's MasterClass is not difficult. You can buy the single-access pass for $90. After buying the pass, you can not only access the videos but also all the additional study material that you need, including workbooks and assignments.

Another kind of access pass that MasterClass offers is an all-access pass, and through this you can not only access Thomas' online class, but other instructors' too for just $180.

Is it Worth it?

If you sign up for a cooking class elsewhere, you’ll have to pay a little extra than the regular MasterClass access pass, depending on where you are signing up, and even then you won’t get Thomas Keller as your cooking instructor.

Getting an award-winning renowned chef as your instructor and learning all about his culinary techniques and skills from him first-hand is totally worth $90.


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