Is Trainer Academy Worth It in 2024? Find out now

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 16, 2024

Is Trainer Academy Worth It in 2024? Find out now


In this Training Academy review, I'll walk you through what you'll get and what you can anticipate from the premium study material bundles offered by Trainer Academy, as well as if Training Academy is worth it, is Trainer Academy legit? Trainer Academy is a premium resource for up-to-date third-party study assistance resources for the fitness industry's top certified certifications.

A committed team of fitness industry specialists has chosen and produced the content. The Trainer Academy staff has a diverse range of academic and practical fitness experience, as well as outstanding credentials and certificates. You can trust them and they'll have you covered with a variety of expertise ranging from certification to university level.

Different tiers of packages:

When you arrive at the TA page, you'll notice that each certificate usually has three tiers to choose from. Starting with the Rookie Package, which just includes the entire study guide, the All-Star Package, which includes the study guide, flashcards, and practice tests, and finally, the MVP Package, which includes everything and comes with a 99 percent pass guarantee. Trainer Academy also allows you to buy stand-alone resources, allowing you to tailor your learning experience.

You can see the many materials options offered above. I strongly recommend getting the entire MVP package (NASM in this case), but if you already know a lot about exercise science or are on a tight budget, I recommend adding the blueprint and cheat sheet to the All-star package and the blueprint, cheat sheet, and practice tests to the Rookie package. Whatever you choose, you'll improve your chances of passing the final exam.

Study plans:

Your Study Plans/Blueprint should be your first port of call, depending on your degree of experience in the field of exercise science and the length of time you have before your final deadline, the study plan might help you organize your learning and study commitments.

Decks of chapter/domain-specific spaced repetition flashcards are included in the Trainer Academy All-star and MVP packages. These cards not only include major topics and vocabulary found throughout the textbook, but they also aid with memorizing them. It also assists you in determining your learning style and speed in order to achieve the best potential results.

Course exams:

The courses include practice examinations with questions culled from previous exams and designed to seem like the real thing. Other certification packages will feature different practice test options depending on the format of the examinations. These examinations are based on and designed to seem like the exams you'll have to take to pass your courses. Each practice exam is 2 hours long and contains 120 multiple choice questions divided into 6 areas.

Final words:

I can't think of anything else that works as well, thus I give Trainer Academy a clean 5/5 in my view. The organization of the tiers in other cert packages will differ. This is determined by what materials are accessible or required. NASM PES and NASM CES, for example, only comprise the Study Guide. Make sure to visit Trainer Academy for additional information on the various packages and resources available.

Trainer Academy, as previously indicated, provides a number of packages and guided study resources for additional certifications. ACE, CPT, NSCA, CSCS, NASM PES (study guide only), NASM CES (study guide only), and ISSA CPT are some of the certifications available. Trainer school is currently working on new and exciting resources for you to use. The NSCA CPT, ACSM CPT, NASM CNC, ISSA Nutritionist certification, and others are among them. So, is Trainer Academy safe to enroll in? As you've probably guessed, they are worthwhile for you to get enrolled in. I would suggest Trainer Academy to anybody looking for a study guide.

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