Usher MasterClass Review - Is It Worth It?

Jeremy Kallowitz
February 20, 2024

Usher MasterClass Review - Is It Worth It?

Usher is an award winning American singer, dancer and a voice actor. He has won eight Grammys throughout his 25+ years of musical career. Usher had debuted his first album in 1994 but his second album released in 1997 is what made him recognized in the mainstream culture. Usher collaborated with MasterClass to teach about the art of performance following just after his performances in London's O2O arena.

 What is MasterClass?

MasterClass is a website that hosts online classes with instructors that are renowned and famous professionals from different fields such as music, art, acting, photography etc. These online classes consist of prerecorded video lessons combined with workbooks and assignments. Different lessons are paired with different assignments and pupils are advised to finish them accordingly, but MasterClass allows time flexibility.

Get to Know About Usher's MasterClass:

Usher's MasterClass focuses on the art of performance and how he captivates thousands of people and audiences through his passionate singing and dances. In this class, you’ll learn how being good at singing or dancing are not the makings of a great performer. Usher walks you through the technical skills needed to perfect a performance in the studio and deliver that performance on the stage. He doesn’t forget to visit his journey over the past 25 years as an artist and share his most valuable advices.

Lesson Plan:

Usher’s Masterclass comprises of 25 lessons that can be finished in two and a half hours. In his introductory class, he seems excited to share what he knows about performing on a stage. This class is not for artists already in the big league though they can learn much from it too. Usher teaches how to use social media to our advantage and grow our audience and this is where he leaves us with our first assignment. Later he tells us about the significance of inspiration and how to find it. Finding inspiration and incorporating it into your performance is what will keep people interested. You cannot recycle the same old concepts for your performances. Moving forward he talks about the three important aspects if a performance that is singing, dancing and acting. Your voice can help you a lot while performing if it’s pleasant. Here, he shares tips to keep your voice steady and firm without straining it. Then he emphasizes how important it is to find your own dancing style and own it. For him, every performance is incomplete without acting, your facial expressions convey a lot when you perform.

Access to MasterClass:

It has a single access pass for accessing a single class worth $90 and an all-access pass that lets you access all lessons in just $180 per year.

So, is it worth it?

Yes, it is definitely worth every second. Usher's class may seem like it’s for the professionals and big stage performers, but he starts from the very beginning and tells you how to build your name among the masses and get them to recognize you as a convincing artist.

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