AdaptedMind Review 2024 – Is It Worth It for Your Child?

Jeremy Kallowitz
April 24, 2024

AdaptedMind Review 2024 – Is It Worth It for Your Child?

AdaptedMind is a paid website that was created by the students of Stanford, Harvard, and Berkeley to improve the way children learn. The main aim of this website is to bring revolution to education by providing a customized learning experience for the child that fits the strengths, weaknesses, and curriculum of the student.

It creates an adaptive learning environment for the child so that it can significantly improve performance, knowledge, and strengths. The primary content of this website is maths and reading, but it also has content available for social studies, social-emotional learning (SEL), and science.

AdaptedMind Review: Is AdaptedMind Worth It?

AdaptedMind consists of videos, interactive lessons, and a visual learning experience that is different for all the subjects. For their reading experience, students are given a cast of characters to find their stolen stories. They are introduced to key vocabulary prior to the activity so that they can understand the passage well and answer the related questions.

For social studies, students are given different scenarios like time traveling to Egypt and collecting all the orbs. This way, they get knowledge of all the countries and people involved, after which they have to answer the questions. The math section has videos and tests for learning customized to the specific level and grade.

Strengths and Weaknesses

It features vivid color and characters, cute badges, and a points system that keeps the students focused and interested. The math content on this site can be really helpful to apply basic learning and recall the class instructions. The ability to find text-based answers with the reading passages activity is also helpful along with the characters activity for social studies.

There is a lot of need to improve the quality and depth of the learning experience. Students aren’t provided many options for critical thinking as the questions are surface-level based.

Some of their science, maths, and social studies explanations and videos are based on YouTube, which the students may find difficult as their pace of speech is quick, and the long lengths of these videos could bore the student. Also, they provide a very limited explanation; with the incorrect answers, it doesn’t always mention the particular problem. This can result in the student not learning the mistake and its solution specifically.

The biggest downside of AdaptedMind is that it has limited screen times, which can not only discourage the child but also limit the learning process. Every child has a different style of learning and communicating, and some may need time to engage and read the activity. Using generalizations about screen time needing to be limited, etc., is harmful in so many ways.


If you are looking for a more interactive website that consists of videos with better explanations and activities, then you may look into Generation Genius. It consists of a comprehensive set of science and other related videos. Each video has accompanying lesson plans, science investigations, and quizzes. The videos are live actions with kid actors, making the lessons more interesting for the students.

Although it’s extremely interactive, it doesn’t allow kids to develop their own questions, so they may need to work on this and make their questions more open-ended. But the teachers can easily overcome this problem by making their own questions and pausing midway through the video and asking them. Overall, it’s a great website and has a lot to offer.

Is AdaptedMind Safe?

Doubting an online educational website that costs some money is pretty normal, so if the question “is AdaptedMind legit?” or “is AdaptedMind safe?” popped in your head, don’t worry. AdaptedMind makes an effort to provide a fairly comprehensive learning platform. All of the additional content for purchase isn’t quite as compelling but can provide some variety and flavor.

It is safe all over, but it has some issues that can be overcome by dealing smartly or avoiding them fully. It’s a paid website, so billing and paying also have some issues. If you know how to deal with them, you are good to go.

Bottom Line

Otherwise, Adapted Mind is a great website that consists of content that can make students curious and interested in what is coming next. The social-emotional learning (SEL) focused Super Skills episodes could also help to build a class climate of support and understanding. These episodes could be watched as a group and then discussed to share experiences and reactions.

Teachers could also send home the video links so that the parents can also watch the videos with the kids. Teachers can assign lessons, and the student progress page provides them a summary of the percentage correct for lessons and the total number correct out of 20. Meanwhile, the teacher progress page shows an overview and progress for all students with grades.

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