The 7 Best YouTube Channels to Learn French for English Speakers

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 21, 2024

The 7 Best YouTube Channels to Learn French for English Speakers

YouTube is a great place to find videos on almost any subject, making it a great way to learn new things. YouTube videos can be used to learn languages, and French is an excellent example of a language learned there. While watching videos to learn French can be very rewarding and fun, you must be careful not to watch videos mainly in English. Then, you might have fun, but not know much.

Why do we need to learn French from YouTube Channels?

1. Authentic Speech

Instead of carefully planned language learning podcasts or films, many YouTube channels give a good example of how native people sound when they speak freely or talk to each other.

2. It doesn't cost anything.

It is good to learn a new language, but nobody wants to spend a lot of money on it. However, you can watch any video on YouTube for free.

3. Select what you want.

One of the best things about YouTube as a platform is that there is almost no limit to the amount of content that can be found. There are a lot of resources for almost every language and genre.

4. Learn while having fun.

You may learn a language by having fun while doing it. There are many misconceptions about what it takes to learn a new language, such as the idea that you must study grammar and vocabulary all night.


Let's have a look at 7 YouTube Channels.

1. Learn with Pascal

This YouTube channel is suitable for people who don't speak French very well. Pascal's channel is a great place to start as a beginner or someone on the right track to becoming an intermediate. It has clear and exciting slideshow videos that are easy to follow. All of the videos on the channel explain difficult French grammar and vocabulary in a way that is easy to understand. He also makes videos of popular French songs so you can follow along with the lyrics and learn them.

2. Learn with

You can start with FrenchPod101's video lessons if you want to learn French quickly. They're like chocolate éclairs and French toast. Please look at their playlists page to see all of their videos organised by level and learning goal. There are a lot of videos that cover the basics, like vocabulary, cultural insights, and how to study, but they're not all the same. The videos on FrenchPod101 are made to be both educational and fun. Videos are shown by native English speakers and French experts who are empathetic. To learn French on YouTube, start with this channel. It will not only lay the groundwork, but it will also be a guide as you move toward fluency.

Check out the series "French in 3 Minutes" if you're entirely new to the French language. This section on FrenchPod101 is great for intermediate and advanced learners who want to learn about grammar, and it's called "Ask a French Teacher."

3. Damon and Jo

When Damon and Jo go on trips worldwide, they make funny videos about everything from food to beauty products to dancing and French grammar! When they talk about things like the passé composé and French culture, they make them attractive to Americans and Brazilians.

They sometimes post videos in French with English subtitles, which makes their YouTube channel a must-follow for anyone learning French. I usually don't listen to people who don't speak French because their pronunciation can be a little off. Damon and Jo have a great accent, though.

4. CoffeeBreak French

There is a channel called CoffeeBreak French where people can learn French with Mark and other teachers. It's very important to learn grammar in some videos (in English). However, in some cases, they use a variety of native French speakers to give you a collection of authentic texts on simple topics. It's great for teaching beginners how to listen and learn basic words.

5. Learn French with Alexa.

Alexa calls herself "YouTube's most awesome French teacher," and she has a lot of YouTube videos on a wide range of exciting topics, like French tongue twisters and French good wishes. She also has a series of lessons called "French Essentials." Alexa talks directly to the camera, and you'll quickly get to know her as your French teacher on YouTube.

6. Pierre and Noemie

This channel is full of enthusiasm and a real love for the French language, and it shows on their YouTube channel. Their videos cover a wide range of topics. Some focus on difficult French grammar, while others feature interesting interviews with people who speak French well. When you study French culture and society one day, you might learn how to cook French recipes the next. Some of their videos even help you prepare for the DELF exam!

7. Learn French with Vincent

The videos will help you move from basic to advanced French skills while keeping you entertained. The information is broken up into 40 units with 15 to 20 lessons. The lessons are very hard, and the major French tenses are explained very well. The host also explains useful words with examples from the real world. It's possible to find videos that are 30 to 45 minutes long that focus on a single phrase or word.

The last words

These Learn French YouTube channels have great listening and instruction content that can be used with your favourite apps or study plans to help you learn French. Real content like this is very important when you're learning French through an app or with a tutor. Many top French tutoring sites are teaching French to their students, and you can also learn French from the top french tutoring sites by visiting them. Listening is a very important skill for becoming fluent in French, and YouTube is a great place to practice your listening skills without packing your suitcase and flying. The French YouTube channels above will help you learn enough French to get by on a bike tour through the Loire valley or at a seafood restaurant in Nice.

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