Codecademy Review 2022: Price, Course Variety, Alternatives - Is It Worth It?


If you are looking for online learning platforms to enhance your skills in coding, whether you are an absolute beginner or an expert in coding languages, read on!

One of the better-known coding services out there is Codecademy. In this post, we will be covering topics like Codecademy's features, price, pros and cons, as well as our personal best recommendations if you are looking for other online code learning platforms out there.
Coding in general has become more prevalent in recent years due to the fact that a lot of businesses are transitioning into the digital market.
For that reason, a lot of people integrate coding into their career path in order to fill out the job market required for businesses transitioning into the digital world.

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#1 Product Recommendation in our opinion is the best coding learning service out there if you are looking for interactive courses that cater to your learning experience that is also very budget friendly with an amazing community of over 1.6 million learners.

They also have awesome features such as personalized learning to achieve your learning goals faster with a path designed just for you. The personalized paths feature can be customized on entire lessons for your individual learning needs and career goals in your coding journey.

Course Variety


They offer free course options - provides a 7-day free trial as well as a number of free courses.
Hands-on coding - They have cool features to help complete beginners catch up with interactive challenges.
New courses every week - adds new courses to its catalogue every week.
Interactive Lessons - In, you can mark content, save notes, and do a lot more.
Regular skill assessment - Every course has practice materials, challenges, and daily practices so you can put what you've learned so far into practice.


No video lessons focuses on actual learning experiences with their library of courses but all of them are text-based.


#2 Product Recommendation

Our 2nd best choice is Pluralsight because their content covers a huge range of courses, learning plans, guides, and interactive lessons for complete beginners.

Pluralsight is also very affordable with an astounding annual subscription of $159 for the Standard plan or $239 for the Premium plan. If you are not sure whether you want to try it or not, they also offer a two-week free trial or 200 minutes of viewing - whichever comes first.

Course Variety


Subjects and lessons are taught by Industry Experts.
7000 courses to choose from with an average of 80 new quality content added monthly.
Huge community support feature to help you ask questions with your fellow learners.
Affordable pricing with a lot of promo codes and discounts available.
They have mobile and desktop apps that allow you to learn even without an internet connection!
Premium features such as professional certification, challenges and projects with provided feedback.


Non-refundable plans - Once you subscribe, you are obliged to use their services until it expires.
Has beginner courses, but Pluralsight caters more towards intermediate/advanced users.


#3 Product Recommendation

Codecademy is a great online code-learning platform that has a wide variety of popular courses that can help coders learn even if they are seasoned coders or absolute beginners. The company was founded by Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski. They wanted to create a place where anyone could get started with coding.

In addition to that, they also wanted to make sure that everyone had access to high-quality education so that no one would be left behind.
Course Variety

The company offers lessons on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, iOS Development, Android Development, Data Science, Machine Learning, and more. In addition to the online courses, Codecademy also offers a community of over 1 million students who have taken part in various projects. This allows them to share knowledge and ideas with each other which makes the learning process much easier.

It presently offers training in 10 distinct tech areas, 14 different programming languages, and multiple libraries and frameworks.

Since Codecademy is geared toward newbies, the majority of new enrollees have no prior knowledge. This makes the platform a fantastic choice for adult learners as well as kids and teenagers.

The fact that Codecademy is a very practical, the learn-by-doing platform sets it apart from many other online learning environments.


Has a free subscription plan with over 180+ courses to choose from.
Great for beginners to start learning because of their easy-to-understand content quality and video lessons.
You can request a free trial for Codeacademy Free pro to see what their premium plans have to offer.


Courses are not available offline.
There is no lifetime access, you will lose all the perks when your subscription plan expires.
No student reviews for the courses on topics they have.
Lacking advanced search filters for courses.

Programming Languages and Courses

Codecademy covers a wide range of tech courses to pursue tech careers, including computer science, web design, mobile programming, and data science, as well as courses in specialized languages like Python and JavaScript.

They specifically provide classes in HTML & CSS, Python, JavaScript, Java, SQL, Bash/Shell, Ruby, C++, R, C#, PHP, Go, Swift, and Kotlin (together with the associated frameworks and libraries).

Some of the popular courses they offer are:

  • Front-End Engineer
  • Front-end Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Game development
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • React
  • Cybersecurity
  • Back-End Development

And so much more!

Whether you are looking for a Front-End Engineer Career path, or just doing coding as a hobby, Codecademy has a ton of choices to choose from.

Codecademy Pricing & Subscription Plans

Codecademy Basic

Codecademy offers a basic plan that is absolutely free! Though the basic plan has very limited learning resources, you can try it out to get a feel of the online learning experience as well as basic courses for free.
They offer around 100+ basic courses and popular topics in their free plan as well as community support and practice packs in their mobile app.

Codecademy Pro

One of the better payment plans is Codecademy Pro with a subscription plan of $19.99 if billed annually or $24.99 for the monthly subscription. The Codecademy Pro subscription plan offers a huge variety of 1800+ courses as well as personalized practice, quizzes, certificates of completion, career paths and priority customer support.
This is the highest plan they have that offers high content quality, making sure that you get the most bang for your buck with the library of courses they have.

Codecademy Pro Lite

The Codecademy Pro Lite is a mixture of features between the Pro and the basic plan. You will still have access to unlimited practice on their mobile app, quizzes, personalized practice and real-world projects as well as unlimited learning - but you won't have access to their "Land a Job" feature which they offer in Codecademy Pro.
The Land a Job feature is mainly focused on people who are looking to grow their career paths with Codecademy with perks such as joining career path groups and technical interview preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Codecademy really free?
Yes, Codecademy is free. One of the biggest advantages Codecadmy has over other companies is that they have subscription plans and one of the plans they offer is completely free.
Are Codecademy certificates worth it?
Major IT businesses value and acknowledge Codecademy certifications, in contrast to those from other online learning environments. The popularity of Codecademy is partly a result of the educational opportunities it offers. Due to the many skill levels offered by the courses, changing career choices is very simple.
Is Codecademy respected?
Yes, using Codecademy's free basic course can help you land a job by learning modern web development skills. They also offer career path programs to help you land your dream career in tech when you subscribe to their Codecademy Pro plan.
Is Codecademy enough to get a job?
Yes, using Codecademy's free basic course can help you land a job by learning modern web development skills. They also offer career path programs to help you land your dream career in tech when you subscribe to their Codecademy Pro plan.
Is Codecademy actually useful?
Yes, Codecademy is useful because they offer multiple practice projects for you to work on. All of this will result in you moving more quickly in progressing on your path to the tech world.

Verdict: Is Codecademy Worth it?

We definitely think that Codecademy is worth a look if you really want to get started with learning how to code especially because they offer a free plan for their platform as well as some of the features they offer.

But we cannot pass up on our Overall Best Editor's Pick: their pricing, community, subscription plans, and learning resources are just way too good for us to overlook.

Their test-driven development, interactive content, as well as the potential career paths you will have after taking courses from them, is just top-notch, so our best recommendation is

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