Cognitive Class (Previously Big Data University) Review - Is It Worth It?

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 3, 2024

Cognitive Class (Previously Big Data University) Review - Is It Worth It?

Cognitive Class is an online school offering courses which teach data science, AI, and computing. As a prior student who's completed multiple courses I would like to share my experience with potential newcomers.

Perhaps you're interested in Cognitive Class for its data science curriculum. Especially, because they're formerly known as Big Data University", so data science is what they really specialize in.

The reason for the companies name change was to appeal to a broader audience. However since the companies founding Data Science has been their main priority and still is. I took their DS course and will breakdown its pros and cons with you.

Course Material - 9/10

Ranked #2 best free online data science course by Forbes. Receiving an average of 4.5 stars from over 3,000 reviewers. The course is a smash hit and users everywhere are recommending others to Cognitive Class.

You can learn python for data science and machine learning. Students agree its the complete data science course with hands on programming. Each course will take on average 22 hours to finish. After completion you are rewarded with a badge/certificate


Users who have had previous computer science experience will have an easier time than beginners. From my experience it was very beginner friendly but still advanced enough to challenge a computer science major like myself.

IBM is one of the largest technology companies in the United States. They founded Big Data University and then rebranded the company to its new name Cognitive Class. So the courses are made by one of the most credible and massive corporations in America.

Customer Service - 8/10​

Unfortunately the customer service is not really there. There's only an email for support. Without a phone number or chat box it makes immediate solution for simple problems seem impossible.

There is a huge community of students and open forum board to post in. Most questions posted on this community board are usually resolved very quickly. In case you wanted to try something aside from email support.

Pricing - 10/10​

Save money with Cognititve Class, actually save all your money! It's completely free. That's as good as it gets which is why the pricing receives a 10 rating. You should sign up for a free membership now and start learning today.

The customer service may not offer phone support but that's because it's a completely free to use website. Most free to use things don't have premiere features like incredible customer support and that's ok! We're perfectly happy with its quality and being free.


If you want to take your data science learning to the next level there is a more advanced course. As a beginner I really liked the Cognitive Class data science course. However I learned more later on from th​is coursera course.

Starting a new career in IT making 100k a year is possible. You just need to prove you have the skills to be hired. Sign up for the Cognitive Class courses which are completely free. Once you've earned your badges then go learn from coursera to complete your curriculum. Afterwards you can look for work programming if you've truly mastered the skill.

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