ED2GO Review - Is It Worth It?

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 6, 2024

ED2GO Review - Is It Worth It?

Instead of sitting on the couch and watching Netflix all day, it’s time to shape our lives for the better. There is no time like the present to start rebuilding a better and more educated version of ourselves. And to do this we don’t even need to commute to an institute, but simply log in to platforms like ED2GO and start learning as per our individual convenience.

ED2GO’s Ideology

to the need for money most people can’t join a day-time institute to continue their education or study more fun subjects they would have otherwise preferred, so ED2GO has created this online facility that will let you do exactly that, on your own time. Their motto is all about changing your life for the better, and that is exactly why they provide courses from a wide variety of topics so no matter who you are, you are sure to find something you can improve on.

Courses Offered

Most online platforms are specialized towards one field and there are only a select few forums which offer courses over a variety of topics. ED2GO is one of these diverse platforms with courses in all categories. However its course catalog is much smaller compared to other competitors. Although we like the courses and degrees they offer now and there is definitely more diversity than when it first launched, but we still find it lacking. Especially when it comes to the most current fields like Programming, we find ED2GO could provide more sub fields like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Teaching Style

Most online platforms use filmed lectures and resource materials to their students’ inbox. And ED2GO does exactly that. Once you have enrolled in the program of your choice and deposited the fee, you will get automatic access to the course material once the start date comes around. The course will follow a weekly pattern like in most universities and each week’s lessons will be made available at their own time. Remember the course material is only accessible for a limited time period so you will have to keep up with all the deadlines as you study. No slacking off is tolerated with ED2GO’s teaching structure!

Application Process

While the application process is fairly straightforward: make an account, choose a course, deposit the fee, and start learning. We do love the extra guidance they offer during this process. If you are aiming to add to your current professional skill set they will recommend courses that will fit your current profession. Or if you are someone who is in search of what career path to take, the platform offers deep insight into all the major career paths you can take and how you can prepare for each.


Each course has its own cost and as you keep adding to the cart, the price will go up. If you purchase each course individually according to this package, you will get exactly that. You will have access to all the resources and videos plus the certification after you have successfully completed it. Of course this does mean you will have to take a considerable leap of faith when depositing such a huge amount, after all no matter how many good reviews you hear it is still daunting to pay up your savings to a company you can never meet in person.


ED2GO gives us a place to learn anything we have ever dreamed of learning about, be it history, arts or even accounting. This is a place where you increase your skills pack or simply learn for the fun of it. While we love their course content and how customer relevant it is, you will have to check your budget before making a final decision. Also remember to opt for ED2GO if you are someone who is good at meeting deadlines, or the course content will be locked away from you.

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