John Academy Review - Is It Worth It?

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 9, 2024

John Academy Review - Is It Worth It?


Online learning courses have amassed an unprecedented following. Many platforms curate interactive courses dedicated to specific audiences. As the demand for a strong skill set escalates in the market, candidates rush to reach the top by acquiring as many badges as they can. A solid skillset is the single most important thing to help you land your dream job.

This is where John Academy kicks in, offering thousands of premium courses designed to help you boost your skillset. Not only do they boast courses designed to help you climb the job market ladder but also host self-improvement courses to aid personal transformation. This article aims to explore John Academy and help you decide whether you should join or not.

What is John Academy?

John Academy is a UK-based online learning platform hosting more than 2,000 courses to help a vast spectrum of audiences. At an affordable price, they offer interactive learning opportunities to people around the globe. People can study from anywhere and at any time, in their leisure. Apart from the quintessential course contents, the website also offers additional resource material like videos and quizzes.

Before you begin we highly recommend that you check out their “FREE CV REVIEW” option. This will allow you to evaluate both your CV and your credentials. Once you realize that you could use some helpful course to set you straight for your dream job, hit that join button! Feel free to browse through their collection or search for what you need specifically. It is impossible to miss something relevant from such a vast pool of courses. Have your pick and don’t be shy, they offer five courses in one payment, isn’t that amazing?

Overall the website is both oriented towards studies, jobs, and personal improvement. Whatever it is that you want to excel at, you can do it via this platform. They have retained a huge number of clients and this alone is enough to suggest that they are good at what they do.


  • The courses are very affordable, and you get five courses in one payment (the option is present on the homepage screen).
  • They have over 2,000 different courses that are a huge collection and makes it very improbable for you to not find what you're looking for. In essence, it is a one-stop for online learning.
  • They offer a free review for your CV, helping you pinpoint areas of interest and work on them.
  • They have a brilliant blog section dedicated to keeping you up to date about learning opportunities and their importance.


  • John Academy is more general, i.e. there are no categories for GCSE or A-Level students, meaning that the courses are meant for a broad and general public, and not for specific groups.

Key Pages to View

If you visit the website, the first thing you ought to do is to check out the FREE CV REVIEW screen. Also, check out their blog to help you realize the legitimacy of their work and the fact that they take it seriously.

You must also check out their extremely helpful FAQ section to address some generic queries. If your concern is more specific, however, you may always use the Contact Us page.

Bottom Line

John Academy is an affordable option and offers a great deal to welcome students. They curate exquisitely crafted courses and have effective testing and marking methods. Their specialization certificates will also add immense value to your resume. The best part about John Academy is that it invites people with a free CV review option. It shows people why they need courses on this website.

In the current economic scenario, where job competition is harder than ever, it behooves us to consider investing in professional development. Moreover, people need guidance to cope with the changes in life. Parenting, for instance, can be an Everest for those unprepared to face it, but that will not be the case with the students of John Academy.

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