Juni Learning Review - Is It Worth It for Kids in 2024?

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 12, 2024

Juni Learning Review - Is It Worth It for Kids in 2024?

What is Juni Learning

Juni is a subscription-based learning platform that aims to assist students in discovering and pursuing their hobbies with joy. The company provides award-winning syllabuses in Computer Science, Math, as well as English for kids aged 7 to 18, as well as access to a worldwide community and near-peer instructors from leading universities.

Since the beginning of the academic year in mid-March, the majority of additional students joining up for Juni's weekly sessions has risen from a few hundred to thousands. The best part about it is that it offers flexibility in schedule.

Juni Learning Reviews

Juni learning has some raving reviews over the internet so far. Some of the reviews which compelled us to write about it have been stated below.

“My hope with Juni was to advance my kids’ interest and exposure to coding. I’ve found that my kids quickly identify with their Juni Instructors, and they tend to ask a lot of questions and remain excited about coding.”

“My Juni instructors are very helpful. They help me customize my learning style by taking my feedback to areas where I need to improve, and to cover them to do better.”

“My favorite thing about Juni is I can learn at my own pace. When I already know some concepts, we can move quickly through them and then we can spend more time on new topics. I look forward to my Juni classes all week!”

Is Juni Learning Worth It?

When it refers to the professional experience of the teachers, Juni Learning raises the bar. It is also an excellent internet-based learning platform that both adults and children like.

The brand has 4.4k Instagram followers and 9.8k Facebook fans thanks to its innovative and friendly approach to learning. There are also thousands of generally positive reviews that speak to an excellent educational experience. Parents indicate that their children enjoy the sessions, that the tutors are friendly and patient, and also that the web platform is easy to use.

The company also provides three different membership options from which to pick, allowing you to determine the time investment and regularity of lessons that are right for you and your family.

If you're still not convinced, the company offers a two-week free trial, allowing you to see for yourself what the service is all about. This Juni Learning review believes that the company's memberships are worthwhile to include in your child's or teenager's life for most of these grounds.

Is Juni Learning Safe and Legit?

While some families may have gotten on the hype earlier, we love that firms like Juni Learning make learning a new set of skills available and secure for kids and teens. There are also thousands of favorable reviews that speak to an excellent learning experience.

The capacity to successfully teach our children in a distance learning environment will never be more important. They also give 100 free minutes of learning to demonstrate that they aren't chasing your money, but rather your knowledge.

Initially and importantly, they provide exceptional client service and communication. The tutors are fantastic; they have a wonderful interaction with the students and make learning enjoyable. On Trustpilot, Juni Learning has a 4.9 out of 5-star rating, with the majority of the ratings being great. Lessons are held on a regular basis (no surprises for the most part). Referral incentives and successful trial lessons can earn you a lot of money. Parents can also plan makeup classes for their children.

Websites Similar to Juni

There are a number of websites available which are similar to Juni. Two of most prominent among them are Codespark and CodeMonkey.

Codespark is similar to juni is many aspects. The only difference between them is that Juni has a very strict criteria when choosing tutors, for each tutor has all relevant skills and credentials. codeSpark Academy uses mini games to educate kids how to code, making computer programming enjoyable and interactive.

Codemonkey is also quite similar to codespark. CodeMonkey is a game-based platform where youngsters may learn to code without any prior knowledge.

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