Linkedin Learning Review – Is It Worth It?

Jeremy Kallowitz
February 20, 2024

Linkedin Learning Review – Is It Worth It?

Has the job hunt gotten you down? Do you find yourself in need of some stellar resume boosters? Are you interested in learning, but not spending hours upon hours in a cramped classroom?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might want to consider an e-learning environment. You might be wondering "Is Linkedin Learning worth it?" and our answer is actually sometimes, but there are better options available. In this blog post we go through the features and benefits of LinkedIn and showcase some different options that are more better in different ways.

After acquiring the teaching platform Lynda, LinkedIn Learning was established in September 2016. Since then, they’ve been offering comprehensive professional courses to individuals and businesses alike. Their online platform offers nearly 10,000 classes, with new video content being released weekly. There are courses in TechhnologyBusiness and Creative areas.

Yet, is LinkedIn Learning worth it? More importantly, are their services the right choice for you? The following LinkedIn Learning review should help you make that decision!

How It Works

Once you register, the process is simple and incredibly user-friendly. There is no mandatory wait to see if you’ve been accepted or not. As soon as you register, you’re good to go!

Finding Your Course

The LL website offers 10,000+ professionally lead courses. With such a wide course load, it would be easy to be overwhelmed by the broad spectrum. Luckily, LinkedIn Learning helps you narrow down this large grouping through several discovery methods.

These methods include:

  • A brief survey which matches your desired skills to a fitted course selection.
  • An organized field of interest that you can actively discover and search within.
  • A list of the most liked topics and classes.
  • An aggregate list of the trending courses.

Here is an exploration of these discovery methods.

✓ Course Matching

Course matching is the process by which LL connects you with applicable classes. After finishing registration, you will be directed to the skills page. Here you will choose the skills that interest you, or that you would like to work on. These include social media marketing, working effectively on a team, public speaking, etc.

After you select your desired skills, LinkedIn Learning reviews your answers and their algorithm matches you with qualified classes. This process cuts through the arduous process of searching through hundreds of classes for the right match. It simply groups what you’re searching for, and delivers you the result with no fuss. You’re left to focus on what matters most: bolstering your resume and getting your education! You can get a free start on using course matching by clicking here.

✓ Fields of Interest

LL can also help you narrow down your options through specific fields of interest. These are separated into three categories: business, technology, and creative. After selecting one of these three, you are free to explore within that field. If you consider yourself an exploratory learner, then this feature is perfect for you! The categories are specific; yet, they still give you the power to meander and choose within your selected field.

✓ Top Liked and Trending Courses

If you want to follow the instincts of your peers, LinkedIn Learning allows you to do so through their top liked/trending options. Here you can see what classes are enthusing your fellow learners; you can also join in on the latest learning trend! See the top liked and trending courses of your Linkedin Connections and influencers in your area of expertise here.


Find the Path to Your Career Goals

It would be remiss to do a LinkedIn Learning review without mentioning their one-of-a-kind learning direction system. This system is akin to a guidance counselor: it compiles classwork into a path that would best suit your career goals. These paths can be picked from three separate guidelines: learning paths, subject, and software.

✓ Choose Your Learning Path

When you go to college, you choose a major. Similarly, when you use LL, you choose your learning path! These are playlists of connected video courses which relate to a specific career track. LinkedIn has over 70 different learning paths for skill development. Thus, you have a broad spectrum of possibilities that can lead you to your final goal.

✓ Choose Your Subject

If you have a specific subject that you are interested in exploring, then LL can guide you within that category. For example, if you were interested in photography, the website has dozens of relevant topics which will lead you to becoming an accomplished photographer!

✓ Choose Your Software

In the modern workplace, it’s imperative to be up to date on the most technological advancements. There are many jobs that require proficiency in MicrosoftApple, and even internet applications! Luckily, LL provides a multitude of video courses catered to those who are in need of a technological education. Whether you’re trying to up your Excel game, or learn the ins and outs of Dropbox, LL has the right course for you!

Receive Comprehensive Video Tutorials from Skilled Professionals

LinkedIn Learning sets itself apart from other e-learning websites through its comprehensive video content. While other educational institutions rely solely on text, LL knows that there is much to be gained by having an active teacher dispensing the lessons. This is why they offer their classes in video format.

For students who would prefer a more text-based medium, LinkedIn Learning reviews every course and uploads a transcript of the class. This way, multiple learning styles are accommodated, and students have the ability to dictate their own educational experience.

Explore Learning at Your Own Pace

As humans, we are all different learners. We all have disparate strengths, weaknesses, and methods for dealing with both. We all learn at a different pace. While live classroom settings will force you to learn at the same schedule as everyone else, LinkedIn Learning allows you to establish your own timing.

With e-learning, you can take the time to truly digest your lessons. Should you need to go back and relearn something, that option is always there. If you would rather binge your lessons within weeks, you can do that as well! The video even features an adjustable speed tool. This way, fast learners can speed up their instructors. Thus, they can experience an accelerated learning methodology!

Skilled Professionals

When it comes to learning, even the most interesting material can be mired down by a subpar teacher. If an instructor is not well versed in their craft, or ungifted in the tools of teaching, then the student will not succeed. This is why LinkedIn Learning only employs qualified and expert individuals. These experts are titans within their field, with the tools and knowledge to dispense their craft to their students.

Taking the Classroom Offline and Into the World

Although LinkedIn Learning is accessed through the internet, it is not confined by an internet connection. This is one of the biggest perks of the website. Any student can download their content onto their device. This allows for offline viewing. Thus, students will not lose access to their classes, should they enter a dead zone! This emphasis on accessibility proves to be a large deciding factor to the quandary of ‘is LinkedIn Learning worth it?

Accessibility for all Walks of Technology

In our modern era, nearly everyone is using a different form of technology. Smartphones span different carriers, manufacturers, and formats. LinkedIn Learning accounts for this diversity and lets it work to their advantage, making their services accessible on multiple platforms. These include Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

A Small Price to Pay for Access to an Entire World of Learning

Many other LinkedIn Learning reviews agree, their pricing is incredibly competitive. It offers all +10,000 classes, the course selection process, and the offline viewing for $29.99 a month. That means, for less than $30 a month, customers have access to unlimited learning possibilities!

For those that think the pricing is a little high, it’s important to look at it in perspective. According to The Collegeboard, the average private four-year college is $32,410 USD. This means that students are spending at least $8,102 a year on tuition costs alone. This translates to a monthly price of $675. In comparison to LinkedIn, that’s a 2,250% increase in cost!

LinkedIn Learning is clearly a cost-effective conduit for higher learning. To sweeten the deal, if you decide to choose annually, they will lower the price to 24.99 a month. This will save you time and money in the long run!

No Hassle Trial Period

This is another great facet of the LinkedIn Learning experience. They offer their first month entirely free of charge. Akin to auditing a class, LinkedIn allows you an entire month to audit their services.

After your trial period has ended, you can decide whether or not you want to continue with the classes. There are no gotcha fees or convoluted exit roadblocks. If their service is not for you, you can leave absolutely free of charge!

You can get your 1-month free trial by signing up using this link.

Pros & Cons

To summarize our LinkedIn Learning review, let’s quickly review the pros and cons of this online learning program:


  • +10,000 Courses
  • Comprehensive Video Lessons from Real Professors
  • High Accessibility (Windows, iOS, Android)
  • Learn at Your Own Pace
  • Highly Affordable Compared with College Tuition
  • No-hassle Trial Period


  • No Degrees or Certificates
  • Some Video Lectures are Dry

In Conclusion

LinkedIn Learning may have only entered the e-learning scene in 2016, but it has established itself as a leading e-learning platform. If you are interested in boosting your career through an effective and high-quality learning experience, then LinkedIn Learning might be for you!

Yet, as with all things, only you can answer the question “is LinkedIn learning worth it?” So, sign up for their free 30-day trial and decide whether LinkedIn Learning is right for you!

Other Notable Options

Linkedin Learning isn't the only online learning platform available out there. It's worth checking out the other options if you're unable to find what you want on the Linkedin Learning website. Here's a quick comparison of the top options:

Name Best Suited For Full Catalogue of Courses Our Review Pricing Free Trial Overall Rating
Pluralsight Technical Courses - Python, Web Development, Big Data, IT Ops, Database Administration, Cyber Security, Software Development, Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D Modelling and plenty more! Access Their Full Catalogue Here Read Our Review Here $35/month Yes! Get it Here 10/10
TreeHouse Web Development, Python, Ruby, PHP, Javascript, C#, HTML, iOS, Android, Java and plenty more Access Their Full Catalogue Here Read Our Review Here $25/Month Yes!Get it Here 8/10
Skillshare Creative, Business, Technology, Lifestyle - A very wide range of topics Access Their Full Catalogue Here Read Our Review Here $15/Month Yes!Get it Here 7/10
Datacamp Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, Neural Networks Access Their Full Catalogue Here Read Our Review Here $25/month Yes! Get it Here 10/10
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