Top 5 Javascript Frameworks to Learn in 2024

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 1, 2024

Top 5 Javascript Frameworks to Learn in 2024

In the world of programming and development, you really can’t turn your head without coming face to face with JavaScript. These days you can find JavaScript being used for a variety of uses such as application development, ecommerce, inventory management, and server operations. Because there are a vast number of uses that JavaScript is implemented for, the language is split up into different frameworks. Each framework provides a different level of functionality with it. And each requires its own level of expertise to deploy it. This is why we’re going to look at some of the top 5 JavaScript frameworks that you should be learning in 2020.


There’s no doubt that you’ve heard of the name React before. It is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks out there today. React came into conception through none other than Facebook. React is framework that is purpose built for making user interfaces off of. What sets it apart is that it does dynamically when compared to other frameworks. React can quickly fetch data even as it is being rapidly changed. This makes it ideal for both applications as well as web pages.


Angular is one of the best-known open source JavaScript frameworks available. It was developed by Google with help from dozens in the open source community. Angular was created to help curb limitations and build a platform for all kinds of practical uses. Angular is mainly deployed for Single Page Applications (SPA). It drastically reduced the setbacks of SPA development in the past while also adding in new features. It also works more efficiently at testing and troubleshooting applications.


Aurelia is designed as a modular framework that incorporates many different elements seamlessly. It is one of the latest iterations in JavaScript technology. Aurelia combines several modules under a single framework for client and server-side development. This allows programmers the ability to pick their modules to work with for easier development and integration.


Ember is another open source JavaScript framework that takes care of Single Page Applications (SPA) development. Its use can be commonly found in websites like LinkedIn, Twitch, and Vine. It can also be found being used in applications like Apple Music. Ember takes care of the development process and streamlines it by using good programming practices along with an idiom-based design. It allows you to make your application quicker while also having reliable support for most uses.


Node is a popular cross platform open source JavaScript Run Time Environment that works server side. It’s used by all kinds of major corporate entities like Netflix, Microsoft, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and PayPal. Node is used for server-side scripting tools as well as development of dynamic web pages. It has all kinds of major features like threading, event looping, asynchronous I/O and much more. If you are thinking about learning any of these frameworks then you might be considering if it’s better to use Codecademy vs Pluralsight. We personally recommend Pluralsight as it is a much better interactive learning experience suitable for coders and programmers alike. Be sure to sign up today and get started!
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