Zenva Academy Review – Is it Worth it?

Jeremy Kallowitz
February 21, 2024

Zenva Academy Review – Is it Worth it?

Zenva Academy is an online learning platform that provides a host of different courses to train professionals in various technical disciplines and help them become proficient programmers in their field of choice. They provide you with a unique opportunity to learn everything you need to know without any subscription fees. This Zenva Academy review is going to detail the specifics of their courses, assess whether they’re worth it and suggest some alternatives as well.


When you sign up for Zenva Academy, you gain access to a large number of courses, all of which are focused on one of these technical areas: Each of these categories further provides specialised courses. For example, Data Science courses include databases, visualisation and data handling. Or Artwork courses encompassing MagicaVoxel, 3D modelling, Photoshop, GIMP and Inkscape. The other categories are broken down in a similar way. Zenva Academy promises that each course they provide comes with the following perks as an added bonus to help facilitate learning:
  • On-demand access throughout the day
  • Well-trained customer support staff
  • Project-based learning
  • An environment to help you learn skills that are highly sought-after in the job market
Additionally, there’s also a discount going on some of the courses at the time of this writing, so if you’re looking for cost-efficient methods to develop your skills, you should take advantage of this opportunity and sign up now. You can check out the current discounts here.


The way Zenva Academy structures their courses is of two types. They have mini-degree courses and full courses. Some of these courses can be a little expensive for some people, this is why it’s you should always explore their free courses first or watch some of the videos on their YouTube channel in order to get an idea of what the lessons will be like beforehand and assess exactly what you’ll be paying for. Even though it could be expensive, the subscription fee is for a life-time. You only have to make the payment once and after that you can access it whenever you want. Lifetime access is especially useful and convenient for people who do not have flexible schedules and want to learn in their own time. This way, you can attend the courses and complete them at your own pace without any rush. The courses themselves offer a considerable amount of depth and provide you with materials (video lectures, notes, slides etc.) that serve to guide you and support you in your learning. The site allows students to download the course files associated with every lesson. There are quite a few courses that don’t require any prior experience with coding or programming, particularly the web development ones. However, there are certain courses that are more specialised and advanced and require some kind of familiarity with the topic. Some might feel that the style of Zenva courses “spoon-feed” everything, but at the same time others might enjoy their style of learning as it provides a lot of structure and also help students feel more organised in their learning process. Additionally, when you complete a course, you are granted a certificate that can be added to your resumes. Each certificate has a verification URL that can be used to confirm your completion of the course by employers and schools. The certificates can also be shared on LinkedIn. These certificates are provided for all of the available courses regardless of whether they’re free or not. Also, these certificates are issued for no additional cost.


While Zenva Academy is a very comprehensive and reliable option, there are at least two other online learning platforms that are worth examining: Treehouse and Skillshare. Treehouse is a great learning platform that can help individuals develop skills in areas related to programming, coding, app development and starting businesses. Many courses are also available in disciplines like marketing or general business competencies. Their lesson structure involves quizzes, interactive challenges and videos. You earn badges to reflect your progress. However, keep in mind that you can’t really learn the advanced stuff with Treehouse as it only offers courses for the beginner or intermediate levels. Skillshare is another alternative to Zenva Academy. It’s not necessarily as flashy or as in-depth as Zenva Academy (or even Treehouse), but it does provide you with a fair number of courses that will help you develop your skills. Their online classes are conducted by specially trained professionals and their classes do not have a strict-deadline structure, so you’re free to engage with the classes at a comfortable pace. Additionally, you can work with a community to help complete projects.


It can be concluded that Zenva Academy is a very strong contender in the market for online learning platforms, thanks to the wide range of courses they provide and the depth of the content of their lessons. While some might find the prices a little high or might not like the learning style too much, it doesn’t mean that there is no benefit of using it. The second best option after Zenva Academy would is Treehouse, while the third best option would be Skillshare, as discussed above. While these sites also provide good foundations for learning, they come up a little short when compared to Zenva Academy that has more variety and depth of scope to offer to students. So the final verdict of this Zenva Academy review is that it’s a great option to consider and everyone looking to build their skills in technical areas should definitely consider taking at least a few courses on Zenva Academy to deepen their understanding.
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