i-to-i Review - Is It Worth It?

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 8, 2024

i-to-i Review - Is It Worth It?


In this article we will be taking a brief overview of the website i-to-i. We will be discussing all its features and content. We are going to look at all the positives and negatives of the website and will determine if it is a viable option for you and if you should even consider it. There might be other options available online but you will be the judge of that as in the end it the only decision that matters is yours and your opinion if the website is even worth considering. We will also consider if this website meets your requirements as a future career path. i-to-i  is a website which offers courses that enable you to teach English as a foreign language to developing countries either through internships or jobs.

English is the world’s most spoken language and most countries support and promote English as one of their main languages. So, teaching English as a foreign language can be a viable career option for people who think they have a fluent English accent and can speak and teach proper English. This website offers training courses after which you will have the license to teach and earn.

 What is i-to-i?

i-to-i is a website which was designed to facilitate people who want to teach English as a foreign language as a career. This website offers different levels of courses according to your level of education and fluency and confidence in English. The main thing to succeed in this field is to be pretty fluent and be as close to the native English as possible, otherwise it is just a waste of time and will not be a great career option for you.

The website offers level 3, level 5 and advanced courses. These however depend all on your level of expertise and how you can handle these. The diploma is only after you complete level 5 which is quite difficult. You also have to complete a certain number of hours before you get your diploma and you can further pursue your career.

The next step after getting your diploma is to pursue a job or internship opportunity to make your diploma worthwhile. The website offers both of these options. You can select from three different areas. First of all you can teach from the comfort of your own home by taking classes online. You won’t have to move anywhere and you can’t teach people from around the world further broadening your horizon. The second option is an internship, which can be either paid or not and is purely dependent on the region.

Teaching in developing countries will without a doubt earn you more money. By this you can explore the world and its mysteries along with teaching. The third option is a job which can be located through the website in many different regions. A thing to note is that the higher the level of your diploma, the more likely you are to get a good job. During your teaching period you are assisted by the already present experienced and talented staff.


  • TEFL diploma available from the comfort of your home
  • Cheaper than alternative traditional methods
  • Job and internship opportunities available after
  • Constant support from qualified staff
  • Reliable and regulated


  • No diploma after level 3
  • Mostly native English speakers have a shot at the diploma

Key Pages

If you would like to know more about the organization then click the About us link. If you would like to know more about the offered courses then look into their courses section. If you want to start teaching right away with online classes then the teaching English online section is for you. Whether you want a paid or normal internship, look into the internships section.

If you are further ahead in your TEFL journey then look into the job opportunities present. The blog section is for those who want to get to know the company more and its advances. If you have any questions, then the FAQ part might have your answer.


All in all, this entire website provides great options for people looking for a career path in TEFL. With the help of its courses and further internship and job opportunities, this a great viable option for people who are interested in teaching English and have an affluent or close to native accent


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